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10 Cat Treats to Please Even the Most Finicky Felines

Because cats are cats, pet parents need options when treating these picky creatures.




EVEN THE PICKIEST of kitties will find a favorite treat on this list — and then another when they go off that one. And the variety of proteins and textures offers something for every cat.


Nuna Cat Treats

Made with Hermetia illucens larvae, which are high in protein, have an excellent amino acid profile and are low in carbs. A delicious alternative to traditional treats, with up to 97% sustainable protein for the cat with a small carbon pawprint. 2.1 ounces., (800) 353-3444



100% Salmon Freeze-Dried Treats

Single-ingredient wild Alaskan salmon filet treats. The texture is hard enough for cats who prefer crunchy treats, yet soft enough to break apart. U.S.-made and freeze-dried while raw to preserve freshness, flavor and nutritional integrity. 2 ounces., (860) 228-1507



TheHonestKitchen cat treats

Smittens Bites

Limited ingredients and made from 100% human-grade wild-caught fish dehydrated into high-protein bites. No artificial preservatives, feed-grade by-products, fillers, GMO ingredients, corn, wheat or soy. Available in White Fish, Herring, and Herring & Cranberry flavors. 1.5 and 2 ounces., (866) 437-9729


Herring Whole Fish Treats for Cats

Wild-caught and air-dried whole herrings provide benefits from naturally occurring omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, taurine, protein and healthy fats, with an irresistible taste and crunch. Kitties will enjoy “catching” the whole fish. No additives or preservatives. 1.5 ounces.,



Tiki Cat Soft & Chewy

Soft meaty treats with just 3 calories each do not contain grains, added gluten, corn, wheat or artificial ingredients. Available in chicken and tuna, the top-selling cat treat flavors, as the first ingredient for your obligate carnivore customers. 2 ounces., (800) 361-9079


Duck Liver Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

100% raw human-grade duck liver treats made in the U.S. using a delicate freeze-drying process that preserves fresh, raw whole food. 2 calories per average treat, high in protein and hypoallergenic. 1.05 ounces., (888) 388-PURE



Raw Rewards Minnows

Highly palatable, raw freeze-dried MSC-Certified whole minnows sourced from the Atlantic. Easily breakable to allow for quick treating. Protein rich, full of healthy fatty acids and no artificial additives, preservatives or colors. For dogs, too. 1 ounce., (503) 517-9800



Crunchie Munchie Cat Treats

One-of-a-kind treats with a unique crunchy, flavored outer shell and a softer catnip and valerian root center. No soy, wheat or animal by-products. Available in Chicken + Herb, Seafood Medley and new Shrimp & Crab Feast flavors. 3 ounces., (888) 289-6369




Get Naked Biteables Soft Treats

Handcrafted in the U.S. in small batches and formulated with active ingredients taurine, cranberry and probiotics to support different functional needs. In Kitten Health+, Cat Health+, Digestive Health+ and Essential Health. 3 ounces., (833) 626-0378



Singles Freeze-Dried Treats

Single-ingredient treats made from USDA-certified meats free of antibiotics and hormones, or wild-caught fish. Gentle freeze-drying process preserves nutrients and enzymes for maximum freshness. In chicken, liver, mahi, tuna and pollock to suit all kitty tastes. 2 ounces.,


Rachel Phelps, a sought-after pet industry influencer and known as “America’s Pet Parent,” is an award-winning writer, photographer and certified dog trainer. She keeps busy managing the career of her internet celebrity dog Preston from She has three Westies who think they are mini-humans and a cat who rules the house.



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