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10 Grooming Products for Pets Who Hate to Take Baths

Carrying leave-in options and wipes, plus more traditional shampoos and conditioners help you meet the needs and wants of a wide range of customers.




MUCH TO THE RELIEF of dogs and cats everywhere, getting clean need not always involve a tub filled with water. While you’ll find traditional shampoos and conditioners here, opt to also carry wipes and leave-in options for pets and their people who prefer a quick and easy bathing process.


Leave-In Foam Shampoo with Activated Charcoal

Rinseless foam shampoo for cats and dogs with activated charcoal that absorbs and neutralizes bacteria. Natural ingredients nourish and condition fur and skin, promoting a healthy, lustrous coat and preventing matting and shedding. Fresh Scent. 8 fluid ounces.,



The Only Between Bath Spray Dogs Need

Spray enhances coat texture, shine and snuggle air quality between trips to the tub. 95.5% natural and plant-based ingredients, no alcohol or harsh chemicals. In Spiced Apple & Pumpkin and Cranberry & Vanilla. 8 fluid ounces. Shelf talkers and QR codes to YouTube videos.,




Cat Probiotic Grooming Kit

Includes Probiotic Ear Cleaner, Shampoo + Conditioner, and Deodorizer in Honeysuckle. Deodorizer (8 fluid ounces) hydrates and freshens skin and coat between washes. Shampoo and conditioner (16 fluid ounces) gently cleans and moisturizes with avocado oil and topical probiotics. Ear cleaner (4 fluid ounces) soothes and protects dirty, itchy and irritated ears., (877) 805-0399



Silver Honey Rapid Ear Care Wipes

Ear care solution for dogs and cats blends healing properties of medical-grade Manuka Honey and MicroSilver BG. Aids in outer-ear cleaning, removing debris, dirt and wax while preventing bacteria from entering inner ear. 50 wipes. Training info, plus POP and other marketing materials., (800) 628-9653



Finishing Gloves

Five-finger design allows pet parents to reach crevices, remove sweat marks, and eliminate dried mud. Textured jute side removes loose hair, and gentle fleece side lightly dusts and shines. Elastic wristbands hold gloves in place, providing better control for effortless grooming of dogs and cats. S/M and L.,



Foaming Facial Wash

Ultra-mild, no-rinse hypoallergenic and tear-free foaming facial wash harnesses the power of berries to naturally clean and brighten while removing tear stains. Ideal for pets with skin sensitivities, allergies and facial folds. Safe for pets over 6 weeks old and suitable for all coat colors. 8 fluid ounces.,



Clean Paws No-Rinse Foaming Cleanser

Hydrating, irritant-free foam with aloe and pomegranate juices, broccoli seed and grape seed oils that soothe and nourish dog paws. Built-in soft silicone brush. Marketing support, custom graphics, training, in-store events. 5 fluid ounces.,




The Leave In Conditioner

One-stop solution for easy brushing and detangling, formulated with high-quality conditioning ingredients such as aloe vera. Provides moisture and nourishment to a dog’s skin, keeping it healthy and itch-free. Suitable for all coat types. 12 fluid ounces., (917) 916-9112



Wellness Pet Wipes XL

Water-based hypoallergenic wipes for dogs and cats with nano silver’s sanitizing, healing properties. 100% biodegradable, with no parabens, alcohol, iodine, cortisone or artificial fragrance. Individually packaged to prevent bacterial growth and moisture loss, and to remain effective for up to six days. 11.75 by 15.75 inches. 10 and 15 wipes.,

$18.65/ $24.25



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