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10 Uniform Styles for Your Staff

If your staff apparel needs a makeover, look to these standouts for inspiration.




EASILY IDENTIFIABLE. COMFY. Professional. Conversation starter. Functional.

The best business uniforms check all of these boxes — and then some. They also extend brand identity.

Barb Morris, co-owner of Treats on a Leash in Ames, IA, points to the aprons her employees wear as an example of that.

“They’re a great fit for the dog bakery aspect of our store,” she says. “The aprons set us apart from traditional pet stores and let customers know that we put a lot of time and thought into the edibles we carry.”

Owner Leel Michelle also had branding in mind when designing the stylish smocks her groomers don at Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe in San Diego, CA.

“Our uniforms convey the upscale and professional image with the fun and retro flair for which we are known,” she explains.

If your staff apparel needs a makeover, look to these standouts for inspiration.

Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe SAN DIEGO, CA

When owner Leel Michelle couldn’t find uniforms for groomers that combined fashion with functionality, she designed them herself and launched Retro Stylist Wear. The line now features a variety of smocks, pants and aprons in a range of silhouettes and sizes. All are tested and approved by Bow Wow staff before going on sale. “A great deal of thought, from the groomer perspective, has gone into our apparel design,” Michelle says. Smocks have three-quarter sleeves to protect elbows set on grooming tables. Pockets run vertical and have zippers to keep out paws and fur. The thicker, more durable and breathable fabric resists bleach and dye. Best of all, Michelle says, it deflects fur to help keep employees healthy. “Shaved fur can often act like a spear, lodge itself into the skin and get infected.” Bow Wow groomers (including Michelle, shown here) wear their choice of garments from the line.

Treats on a Leash AMES, IA

These employee aprons (shown here on Maggie Rompot) further extend the store’s brand by putting its logo — featuring Belle the Basset Hound — front and center. The late rescue dog inspired Barb and Michael Morris to open Treats on a Leash. They also rank high in functionality, Barb says, “when filling bulk baskets and the bakery case, and when greeting eager jumping pups!”

Blue Skies Pet Care NEWTON, KS

Owner Ashley Klein has her team wear these fun T-shirts when on duty, whether they’re walking dogs, pet sitting or representing at events. In addition to being a conversation starter — “People love the quote and engage the person wearing the shirt,” she says — they also serve as inexpensive and easy advertising.

Fur Baby Pet Boutique & Doggie Daycare MILFORD, DE

Each department at this pet business gets its own uniform, which varies by season. “We go to great lengths to make sure our facility reflects the high level of services we offer,” owner Sherry Shupe says. “Part of that experience is ensuring our team of pet professionals are always wearing clean, comfortable and easily identifiable uniforms.” Front desk staff (including Rebecca Nicholson, shown here) don these polos, in store colors with the Fur Baby logo, during the summer. They’re made of lightweight, moisture-wicking material. Shupe adds, “It’s also a bonus for our team members to not have to get their own clothes hairy or slobbery!”

Mutt Waggin’ MEDFIELD, MA

Owner Andrew Gaouette purposefully keeps his employee uniforms casual. The newest shirts extend the store brand by featuring its logo, his Boston Terrier, Loki. “Our customers seem to appreciate the laid-back look of the classic T-shirts, as opposed to the business-style polos,” he says. “I think that’s important in the pet industry as you don’t want to come off as pushing sales.”

Urban Pooch CHICAGO, IL

Staff at Urban Pooch Canine Life Center and Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center (including Laura Bouxsein, shown here) get to celebrate Chinese Year of the Dog with their current uniform. No matter the theme, retail and purchasing manager Brittany West says, “We like to use bright colors to indicate who are team members are at a glance,” adding that the T-shirts also “promote the brand in a fun way that reinforces the joy of Urban Pooch.”


Daycare and retail staff wear these baseball-cut shirts featuring the store’s logo. Owner Angela Pantalone says, “I feel it’s important for workers to identify with the brand and more importantly for clients to know who is working here.” Hats and aprons help on that front, and also keep employees tidy. “I don’t tolerate a sloppy, messy or disheveled look, even though we are working with dogs.”

Simba’s Barkery DALLAS, TX

When this online dog bakery does pop-ups in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, team members wear #DogBar T-shirts. Co-owners Saurabh Rao and Nikita Hemani (shown here) also wear them when out and about. “The idea behind the T-shirts is to create a certain level of curiosity,” Rao says. “I’m sitting at a Starbucks, sporting the #DOGBAR T-shirt right now, sipping on coffee. In the hour that I have been here, I have handed out our business cards to a couple off people who are curious about what #DOGBAR is and what a Bark-tender does.” And what exactly do they do? “Our pop-up #DOGBAR creates a bar experience for dogs and their parents. We mix fresh treats for our dog clientele, such as Dog Beer Floats or Strawberry Pawtinis. Our customers demand a level of quality and customization, which we are able to deliver by #DOGBAR. We are available for private parties and public dog-friendly events.”

Dog Krazy Multiple locations in Virginia

Employees at the four Dog Krazy stores have a dozen or so T-shirts to choose from as their uniform. The Resting Bulldog Face option, inspired by owner Nancy Guinn’s beloved late pup Piglet, proves popular.

Bath & Biscuits Granville, OH

Staff members at this pet spa and market also have options. The No Big Woof suits groomers nicely, as it relays their attitude when it comes to wet dogs and the mess that comes with them.



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