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20 New and Notable Products to Consider for Your Pet Store

Among the recently released are an expanded cat line from The Honest Kitchen, CBD and CBG from Primal, and an adorable holiday Yeti plush toy from Tall Tails.





24 Days of Treats

The 2021 Best Friend’s Advent Calendar from HIMALAYAN PET SUPPLY features a beautiful illustration on the front and four different types of chews inside: Say Cheese, Piggy Bank, PB Love and the Dog Chew Buffet assortment, all made from a traditional Himalayan cheese recipe and milk locally sourced in Washington.


Water Break

Petralyte makes it easier for dogs — whether relaxing at home or out on a hike — to get the hydration and supplements they need to stay healthy. The electrolyte powder, created with veterinarians, improves the speed and efficacy of water absorption and delivers a number of additional health benefits: glucosamine for mobility and joint comfort, cranberry for renal function and bladder health, and taurine for vision and heart function. Available in chicken, beef and turkey in boxes of 16 convenient on-the-go packets.


Hay There

Small animals will eat up the new Field+Forest Mini Bale from KAYTEE. Made with all-natural timothy hay, it comes topped with carrot, marigold, apple or rose, and wrapped in a pet-safe palm-fiber tie for easy, convenient foraging fun. Customers also will appreciate that it makes less of a mess. Available individually in each flavor or as two-packs featuring carrot and marigold or apple and rose.



Build A Healthier Pet

PRIMAL PET FOODS adds hemp-based oils, chews and a balm to its product offerings. Oils for dogs contain CBD or CBG, from 100 mg to 1,000 mg per bottle, with the CBD oil adding chaga mushroom for additional immune support and the CBG oil using USDA certified-organic hemp. Soft chews for dogs include 3 or 6 mg CBD each, and also a blend of organic medicinal mushrooms. The oil for cats contains 125 mg CBG per bottle, with soft chews at 1.5 mg each and including probiotics for enhanced gastrointestinal support. Amazebalm topical CBD ointment gives dogs relief from itching and dryness, and protection against weather. All products are color coded by size/weight to make selection and dosing simple, and feature a QR code for third-party testing. U.S. grown and exclusive to neighborhood pet stores, and Primal offers a 20 percent discount on reorders for those that take virtual training on the new products.



SWEDENCARE USA adds Peanut Butter & Banana to its flavor lineup for ProDen PlaqueOff Mini Dental Care Bones. The all-natural chews are the only ones on the market containing the PlaqueOff System, a tasteless powder that helps promote dental health through a 100-percent natural and environmentally sustainable kelp ingredient. Free of grains, gluten and soy, and made in the U.S.


Be Well

Integrative veterinarian Dr. Marty Goldstein continues to target health concerns through nutrition with Better Life Bites Wellness Treats. The new DR. MARTY PETS line launches with Digestive Health Premium Beef, Heart Health Premium Turkey, Hip & Joint Health Premium Beef and Immune Health Premium Pork. The treats contain premium raw meat, veggies and fruit with high-quality vitamins and minerals, freeze-dried into a delicious bite. No artificial preservatives or grains. Available exclusively through Phillips Pet Food & Supplies.


Too Cute!

Could the CATIT PIXI Smart Fountain be any more adorable and high-tech? It features the whisker-friendly stainless steel, state-of-the-art filtration and sterilization, and various water flow options expected from the brand, but elevates hydration with control via a free mobile app, access to which can be shared with pet sitters. Pet parents also get water level and maintenance alerts.


Pure Kure

Eagerly anticipated products from new company KURE PET FOOD arrive in September: Raw Cow Milk Kefir (raw cow milk, raw honey, lactic acid bacteria), Raw Fermented Goat Milk (raw goat milk, lactic acid bacteria), Fish Bone Broth with Fermented Sardines, Chicken Bone Broth with Fermented GInger, and Raw Fermented Beef and Chicken Recipes. Kure touts highest-quality sourcing from small, regenerative farms with humane and ethical practices; no GMO, pesticides or drugs; minimal processing and plastic use; and low-energy manufacturing. And the cartons are environmentally friendly!



Wrap It Up

Pet parents will appreciate the dual features of TREATIBLES new Mobility Pill Wrap Chewables for Dogs and Cats. Not only will it hide and help the medicine go down, but it also provides joint support with glucosamine, green-lipped mussel and boswellia, plus omega 3-rich hemp seed oil. 40 per canister.


For Big Boys and Girls

Because large-breed dogs deserve treats that suit their size and nutritional needs, too, LORD JAMESON now offers its bestselling Celebration Bash, Savory Sweet and Blue Bliss in 17-gram balls, three times larger than the regular 5.6-gram treats. Just like the originals, the soft balls are hand-rolled in colorful shredded coconut, fueled with nutrients and packed with USDA-certified organic whole food ingredients. They do not contain any gluten, corn, soy, dairy, artificial colors, preservatives or GMO ingredients.


Batteries Not Required

With goDog Action Plush toys from WORLDWISE, pups provide the power source for sound and movement — with their bite! There are 12 fun animals represented in the line, including this adorably toothy shark, that will attract curious dogs and keep them playing longer. All feature durable Chew Guard Technology.


Passes the Test

Pet parents who feed their cats a fish diet may have concerns about mercury levels. PURE CRAVINGS tests every single tuna and salmon and every batch of sardines and mackerel that go into its foods to ensure the amount of mercury meets strict limits. The 100-percent traceable and sustainably wild-caught fish are then cooked only once to preserve omega-3 fatty acids and hand-packed. Free of grain, gluten and GMO ingredients. Available in six varieties.


Chill, Kitties

From METRO PAWS comes the Metro Bliss line for cats. Each product contains organic silvervine sourced and fulfilled by a third-generation farm co-op in the mountains of Asia. Metro Bliss Nip sells in .4-ounce vials, Metro Bliss Stix come five to a vial, and the POP display holds 12 vials total. Metro Bliss Balls come infused with Metro Bliss Nip. Each Metro Bliss Cube contains 25 bulk balls and a vial of Nip to sprinkle into the display. In addition to touting the blissful and calming properties of the silvervine, be sure to recommend the Stix to support dental and digestive health.


Chew on This

Not all of your canine customers can safely consume natural chews. For them, LOVING PET created Be Chewsy chew alternatives that are low in calories, long lasting and in flavors that match their shape. Pig Ear includes pork, Bully Stick includes real ground bully, and Antler contains calcium for effective teeth cleaning.


Hop to It

The new Dart Frog Terrarium, from left, and Tree Frog Terrarium from EXO TERRA’s Frogs & Co line will help you create new amphibian fans. These enclosures make it easy to establish a harmonized natural microhabitat like the tropical rainforest habitat, one where the frogs can thrive.


Sea Snack

EARTH ANIMAL’s Perfectly Plain line expands with Kelp Jerky. Made with Maine-grown kelp, the naturally nutrient-dense treat pleases pups and helps the planet — kelp doesn’t need soil, fresh water or fertilizers to thrive, making it a highly sustainable superfood.


Abominable Snowman

TALL TAILS brings the legendary Yeti to plush with this irresistible holiday toy perfect for gifting. Dogs love to make the creature grunt and crinkle, and it’s 14-inch size allows for play between pets or with people. Made with sturdy, reinforced mesh fabric with the grunter stitched into the seam. Machine washable and dryable for easy cleaning.


Transitional Food

ACANA formulated its Rescue Care for Adopted Dogs specifically for the unique needs of newly adopted pups during their transition from the shelter environment to their forever home. With 55 percent premium animal ingredients and 45 percent wholesome grains, vegetables, fruit, botanicals and nutrients, it suits all life stages from puppy to senior and comes in Free-Run Poultry, Liver & Whole Oats and Red Meat, Liver & Whole Oats. 4- and 22.5-pound bags.


Elixir of the Dogs

GUARDIAN PET FOODS, maker of NOBL food bars and treats, introduces Dog Almighty Elixirs. The hassle-free, drinkable and highly palatable supplement comes in two formulas. Mobility blends collagen peptides, turmeric, L-carnitine, vitamins and minerals to help maintain and enhance healthy bone and joint function. Calm blends chamomile, thiamine, ginger and tryptophan that can help maintain calmness and support balanced behavior. Both come in Beef & Mushroom, Chicken and Turkey flavors, in 100-percent recyclable packaging.



New THK For Cats

THE HONEST KITCHEN will expand its cat offerings in a big way this year and next, with 19 new products in 42 SKUs across complete-and-balanced dehydrated, dry and wet foods, plus toppers, treats and a hydration booster. The dehydrated foods, which will replace current offerings and have been reformulated to significantly increase palatability, along with Minced in Gravy and Câté wet foods will be available in October. Smittens treats, Mmmixers wet toppers and Goat’s Milk also come out in October. Wet food variety packs and Tasty Whole Food Clusters will be available in early 2022. THK says the launch will be complemented by a significant marketing push to independent pet supply stores, including a geo-targeted ad campaign directing customers to top retail locations and inclusion in a consumer-facing loyalty program.

Farm to Mouth

Dog-O’s Cheesy Chompers arrive fresh from MARCOOT JERSEY CREAMERY, a seventh-generation, sister-run dairy farm in Greenville, IL. The 100-percent dehydrated-cheese hard treats come in sizes suitable for small and for medium/large dogs.


Graze on This

BOCCE’S BAKERY diversifies its treat offerings with Grazers, a meat-first jerky in Beef & Carrot, Chicken & Pumpkin and Turkey & Sweet Potato. The chewy sticks easily break apart, making them another option to recommend for pups in training. Grazers use only five U.S.-sourced ingredients, including hormone-free proteins, and none of them wheat, corn or soy, or added sugar or salt.




P.L.A.Y. Media Spotlight

At P.L.A.Y. — Pet Lifestyle & You — toy design is definitely a team effort! Watch PETS+ interviewer Chloe DiVita and P.L.A.Y.’s Director of Sales Lisa Hisamune as they talk about the toy design process, the fine-tuning that makes each toy so special and why every P.L.A.Y. collection is made with independent retailers top of mind.

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