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21st Century Animal Healthcare Launches Calms Paws with Calming Gel Patch




The products will debut at Global Pet Expo.

(Press Release) TEMPE, AZ – 21st Century Animal HealthCare has announced the launch of Calm Paws, a natural calming support product line featuring a calming gel patch to help dogs and cats. The new product can be attached to any smooth surface and is ideal for use with recovery collars and pet crates when traveling.

The Calm Paws natural essential oil products consist of gel patches, collars and disks and are compatible with Calm Paws e-collars providing calming support to help post-surgery and stress-related behaviors in dogs and cats.

21st Century Animal HealthCare will officially introduce the new products March 22-24 at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL. Pet product buyers will have an opportunity to experience the new Calm Paws products and view end cap and spinner pole displays at booth #3775.

21st Century Animal Healthcare designed the Calm Paws products in response to a collaboration with E-Collar manufacturers and a nationwide survey of veterinarians that found better recovery collars are needed, said Colin Brodie, vice president of marketing for 21st Century Animal HealthCare.


“We discovered vets desired recovery collar improvements addressing compliance, comfort, fit, ease of drinking and durability,” said Brodie. “Our company launched a collar and calming initiative to study research and design better alternatives for collar selection and calming support for dogs and cats.

“As part of our collar initiative, we found that research data shows pets prefer the calming effects of blue, so we utilized a cool blue color in the design of both our plastic, soft and inflatable e-collars,” he said. “We designed a Calm Paws gel patch application pocket for our plastic e-collar to assist with compliance and have a patent pending on this new design.”

Brodie added that the company is also introducing a new soft e-collar called Caring Collars. The product is made of felt fabric that is secured by velcro strips allowing multiple size adjustments. Four collar sizes are available to cover all pets. A special patented break in the collar fabric allows a section to be folded back to allow the pet to easily get at food or water in its bowl. A patent pending net pouch was included on the collar for the Calm Paws gel patch.

“As part of our calming initiative, we did extensive clinical trials to ensure the efficacy of our Calm Paws purified essential oil blend,” he said. “Dog products use a proprietary blend of Valerian and Lavender oils and cat products use an extract of Nepeta cateria.

“Calm Paws products provide a variety of calming options for dog and cat behavior support,” said Brodie. “Our new gel patch is the first of its kind that can be used with e-collars post-surgery or when traveling. We also offer a protector for the gel patch when it is used on pet crates or e-collars. Velcro strips allow the patch to be located on any clean smooth service.”

Brodie stated that Calm Paws also offers “glow-in-the-dark” calming disks that can be paired with the pet’s regular collar, harness or inflatable collar, as well as essential oil blend collars that use the same blend as the gel patch and disk.


“We know the pet industry wants premium alternatives and a variety of options in collar selection and calming behavior support,” he continued. “We’re excited to showcase Calm Paws products to pet industry professionals at Global Pet Expo.”

21st Century Animal HealthCare is part of the 21st Century HealthCare Inc. family, one of the largest international manufacturers of human vitamins and companion animal supplements for over 25 years.



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