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How adorable is the Unicorn Cake from The Seattle Barkery in Seattle, WA?

We also love the Ball Cake! The Seattle Barkery plates all of its creations on a “Frisbee” platter.

Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe in San Diego, CA, has expanded its pet cake offerings to wholesale.

Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe tops cakes with bunting banners by request.

Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe will also put a donut on top.

Dog Krazy stores in Virginia have on-site bakeries.

At Dog Krazy, cats get birthday cakes, too, with freeze-dried minnows.

Toby is one lucky pup! This creation comes from Happy Dog Barkery in Downers Grove, IL.

Happy Dog Barkery also makes holiday cakes!

Furry Friends Inc. in Colorado Springs, CO, carries Happy Dog Barkery cakes.

Southern Barker in Lexington and Louisville, KY, offers a variety of celebration cakes, including this one rooting on the University of Kentucky.

Charlie, a member of the Southern Barker family, celebrated his 14th birthday in style with this cake. (Photo by Jeannie Francis Photography)

Southern Barker uses Puppy Cake mixes to make its cakes.

Southern Barker also offers gender reveal cakes, telling the sex of an expected pet OR human sibling.

Paws on Main in Columbiana, OH, also offers gender reveal cakes. The dog gets the cake AND reveals the sex of the new sibling.

Mini-baby bottles inside, filled with yogurt chips, reveal the sex of the baby in this Paws on Main cake.

Paws on Main also offers birthday cakes for happy boys like Duke.

One more gender reveal cake! This one from Sweet Paws Bakery in Gainsville, FL.

Sweet Paws Bakery also offers bone celebration cakes.

Apollo celebrated with a cupcake cake from Sweet Paws Bakery.

This pup got a crawfish boil — and matching cake from Sweet Paws Bakery — for his birthday.

Zoey had a turtle themed birthday party complete with Sweet Paws Bakery cake.

Barkvillle Bakery in Peculiar, MO, helps pups like Ruby celebrate.

And Berlin!

Petuna got a birthday cake and a gift basket from LuvPaws in Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada.

25 Amazing Celebration Cakes for Dogs and Cats

25 Amazing Celebration Cakes for Dogs and Cats

How adorable is the Unicorn Cake from The Seattle Barkery in Seattle, WA?