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Pet Connections Expo Announces Keynote Speaker




(PRESS RELEASE) PHILADELPHIA – International Conference Development LLC (ICDevents) announced that Rodney Habib will be delivering the keynote presentation on Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018, at the second annual Pet Connections Expo. Habib is an award-winning pet nutrition blogger, podcast/radio show host, and magazine writer, as well as a pet parent and advocate. His website and blog posts have allowed thousands of dog owners worldwide to join him in his search for answers and to share the discoveries he has made in natural dog healthcare as well as his efforts to get his pets to “live forever!” 

“We are excited to announce the addition of Rodney Habib to an exciting presentation lineup. Mr. Habib joins Dave Ratner as a keynote speaker. Rodney believes strongly that we all need to be the change we wish to see in the world, a value that aligns with our Pet Connections Expo and one that we are proud to support and share with our attendees,” said Bill Doherty, ICDevents president and show director. 

Habib’s massive social media presence has gained him worldwide recognition, including being honored at the Canadian House of Parliament for having one of the biggest brand followings in the country. In 2015 he received the Communicator of the Year Award at the International Summit, and Facebook recently recognized him for having the largest and one of its top pet health pages, allowing him to include his message in over 100 million news feeds. 

In 2016, Habib gave the first TED talk on pet health; this talk currently stands as the highest viewed TED in history pertaining to dogs. He was also featured alongside Dr. Jane Goodall and Sir Richard Branson in the inspiring book, 101 Reasons To Get Out of Bed (and Change the World). 


Previously the host of the No. 1 radio show in Canada, In The Dish, Rodney left the radio world to pursue his passion in film-making, specifically creating micro-documentaries for his social media platform. He also filmed and produced a documentary series on the canine cancer epidemic ravaging the planet called The Dog Cancer Survival Series. 

Habib has made numerous TV, social media, movie, and radio/podcast appearances including on ABC National News, BBC London, CBC, Global National News TV, Financial Post, National Post, the Pet Food Documentary “Dog Food Mythbusters,” Ty Bollinger’s Truth About Cancer series, and Dr. Marty Goldstein’s upcoming box office movie on pets. 

The Pet Connections Expo will bring together pet industry buyers and suppliers from around the country. After launching in 2017, this year’s focus will continue to be on topics that are most important to independent pet retailers. 

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