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3 Free Ways to Improve the Environment and Community Where You Do Business

The Pet Sustainability Coalition shares three of its zero-cost opportunities.




2020 HAS BEEN “one for the books” on many accounts. We are very fortunate here at the Pet Sustainability Coalition to be celebrating another year of growth. Growth in membership numbers (now almost 150 members strong), growth in our collective impact as each company continues to measure and improve, and growth in our organizational leadership in the areas of sustainable proteins, sustainable packaging, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

As PSC expands, your opportunities to drive impact do, too. In case your eyes are beginning to gloss over with all the new ways to improve the environment and communities where we do business, allow me to outline a few of our most critical, exciting, and time-sensitive opportunities over the next few months.

1. Join the 30-Day Challenge to complete 1,000 actions toward a diverse, equitable and inclusive pet industry.

  • Why: Diversity strengthens us and our businesses, and it creates a more innovative, resilient and profitable pet industry.
  • When: NOW through Sep 30. Pre-registration is open NOW and members have already taken ~100 actions!
  • How: Learn more about the 30-day challenge and get signed up today!
  • Cost: $0

2. Excite consumers and retailers with Flex Forward, a return-to-retail packaging recycling program in partnership with Earth Animal and PetFood Experts.

  • Why: 300 million pounds of plastic pet food and treat bags go to a landfill each year. Flex Forward is a pilot solution that engages brands, customers and retailers to return used bags in-store and recycle them into new products.
  • When: NOW (*help us reach our goal to collect 5,000 pounds!)
  • How: ALL brands can download digital assets to encourage their consumers to bring back pet food and treat bags to participating stores. Retailers in the Pacific Northwest are also eligible to participate!
  • Cost: $0

3. Complete your 1-hour sustainability assessment and schedule a review with our team of experts.

  • Why: 91 percent of pet industry professionals feel expectations increasing — yet only 22 percent rank their own sustainability program as effective. WE CAN DO BETTER.
  • When: NOW through December
  • How: Access the assessment and our how-to manuals today.
  • Cost: $0

We are here to plug you into the most innovative and effective sustainable business opportunities in our industry. Reach out to us at any time with additional questions or if we can support you to measure, improve, or celebrate your environmental and social impact. Visit


Caitlyn Dudas is the executive director and co-founder of the Pet Sustainability Coalition — a nonprofit that advances business through environmental and social business practices. Caitlyn is a 2019 Woman of Influence recipient, winner of the 2019 Vanguard award, and a 2017 40 Under 40 award recipient in honor of her innovative approach to bring together industry leaders to strengthen their businesses while also leading the industry toward a future where pets, people and planet prosper. Caitlyn has grown the Coalition from 8 Founding companies to a thriving community of 100-plus engaged companies. Caitlyn leads the Coalition from Boulder, CO, where she completed her B.A. in Environmental Studies and Economics and then went on to complete a Master’s in Environmental Management and Sustainability from Harvard University.






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