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3 Types of Dog Treats to Play to Your Customer Base

Tailor your order to the tastes of your town.




PEOPLE BUY dog treats that ping their own ideas of a treat: rich, greasy hunks of meat, buttery smooth salmon, sweet blueberries picked fresh from the bush. Think about the type of foods people are connected to in your area. Are you catering to a superfoods sect or living in open-faced sandwich country? See what people around you are eating, and pair it with your dog treat stock. 

Meat, Meat, Meat

Eat a hamburger in Hunter, ND, and someone will tell you the cow’s name. That’s how close U.S. farmers are to their beef, so if your customers have roots in making things grow, don’t be squeamish about playing up the meat angle to draw in new ones. Drop hot tips like dogs are historically carnivores and Australia’s most popular free-range protein for dogs is kangaroo.


Key Features: Jerky for dogs in duck, catfish and turkey flavors, loaded with nutrients and superfoods.

Sales Tip: Suggest flavors based on a dog’s personality, whether they’re spirited and sassy or playful and persuasive., (866) 864-6112


Bisque Variety Pack
Tiki Dog Aloha Petites

Key Features: This variety pack gives dogs a new thrill at every bite. Will it be chicken, tuna, beef or pork?

Sales Tip: Tell customers it’s a good way to switch up the flavor routine without causing an upset stomach., (866) 821-8562


Free Range Hops! Wild Hare Ears
Free Raised Pet Products

Key Features: Low-fat, high-protein and sourced all over the world, from primitive Patagonia in the Andes Mountains of Argentina to the grasslands of the Archipelago.

Sales Tip: Sell these exotic treats as your own through private label packaging., (586) 737-0797


Fresh Tastes 

Health conscious places like Denver, CO, are full of active people who care about fresh vegetables and fit bodies. Treats that clearly read “all natural” or list their healthy ingredients are a hit here, even if “natural” can be a loose term. Promote the benefits of oils and omegas that keep dog coats shiny, plus freshening add-ons like sprays, tooth wipes and brushes.

Blueberry Honey Dog Treats
Cotton’s Cafe

Key Features: Healthy dog treats made from fresh farm produce, made with apple cider vinegar, honey, blueberries, oats and parsley.

Sales Tip: Tell busy customers these are the closest thing to making dog treats at home., (662) 380-1463


Super-Premium Dog Treats

Key Features: These slow-cooked, super-premium treats are handcrafted with fresh, grain-free ingredients like catfish, chickpea and kale.

Sales Tip: Remind dog owners that the Omegas in the fish and coconut oils keep dogs silky., (888) 843-1738


Fresh Kisses

Key Features: These all-natural dental treats feature a double-brush design that removes plaque and tartar while freshening dog breath.

Sales Tip: Stock up on Fresh Kisses for Valentine’s Day., (800) 664-7387

$9.99 – $29.99

Balanced Plate 

A tried-and-true order is, of course, a sensible blend of fruits and vegetables. In Naperville, IL, meal planners get excited about chia, quinoa and flaxseed — safe and interesting add-ons to their classic recipes. If your store is situated in a spot that’s more suburban, look for sensible, quality blends of vegetables and meat with superfood extras to make them stand out.

Chewy Dog Treats

Key Features: A traditional blend of chicken and peas, plus vitamin-rich coconut infused with vanilla.

Sales Tip: Play up the rich, meaty texture of each bite., (800) 364-4863

$4.49 – $8.99

Healthy Balance Line
Ethical Products

Key Features: Order up chicken strips, meatballs or BBQ treats, offset by healthy additions like kale, pumpkin, peas, green beans and quinoa.

Sales Tip: Sell the blend that addresses the issue at hand, be it joint health or digestion., (800) 223-7768

$7.99 – $16.99

Turkey Time
Einstein Pets

Key Features: Turkey dinner can come more than once a year in this natural and organic blend. Instead of stuffing, it comes with a side of banana.

Sales Tip: Superfood alert! Let customers know this low-cal treat is infused with chia seed., (727) 823-8233




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