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Candace D'Agnolo

3 Types of Videos That Help You Make Authentic Connections With Customers

These formats convey information without coming off as salesy.




FOR GENERATIONS, WE’VE been attracted to video: first movies, then TV shows, and today on YouTube and TikTok, all of which can now be accessed on our phones at any time. So it’s understandable that creating video content ranks as one of the top marketing strategies for businesses. You can use video to attract new customers and educate existing ones, and even convey your company’s culture.

Consumers — 54% according to Hubspot — say they want to see MORE video from businesses they already support. And consumers — 64% according to Tubular Insights — actually purchase products after watching social videos created by the brands.

Video content builds what’s called the “know, like, trust” factor faster than any other marketing medium. The visual story it tells can trigger different emotions using color and props, animation, expression, sound and lighting.

You may be hesitant to get started. After all, adapting to new technology can be intimidating, and you may fear being judged. It’s cool to show up as your authentic self, though — the messy can be perfect because the imperfect is relatable.

Putting yourself on camera isn’t about you. It’s about the message you have to share and the impact you can make. It’s about your customer, the person on the other side of the screen, who’s connecting with what you’re saying. Ultimately, it’s really about the animals, providing amazing solutions so they can have the best life possible.

Here are three types of videos to make part of your marketing plan:


1. “About Us” — From a longer five-minute brand story for your Facebook page and website to a series of clips no longer than one minute, you can continually introduce specific points about yourself, your business and your team. Share what inspired you to start your business, services you offer, the benefits of doing business with you, what customers can expect, introduce the team, tour your facility and so much more!

2. “A Day in My Business” — People love to see the raw and uncut reality of what others do for a living. Create a mini-“documentary” of what a day looks like behind the scenes of your business. Still only a few seconds to a few minutes to keep people engaged, showcase what people may not normally see and stitch the clips together. Maybe you’re unpacking a shipment, getting ready for an event, making a product, boxing up online orders, having a team lunch, blow drying a dog, etc. These are some of the most popular videos and “sell” what you do without seeming salesy.

3. “How to” or “Tip” Videos — These are an effective way to educate your followers about a specific topic: Some people learn better by watching videos versus reading manuals, so these are great for customers and the team! Cover how to trim your pet’s nails, build a better bowl, get involved with your local rescue, and offer pet safety tips and specifics of using individual products you sell. These expert videos allow you to inform your customer about something you sell, again without it seeming like a sales pitch. People with the problem to solve or the need to fill will be drawn to purchasing without even realizing it.

Can you make three short reels on one day every week, and then release them at different times during the week? Yes! Can you do a Facebook live for 15 minutes, once a week? You bet!

With video you’re no longer the unknown owner of the business. Your customers can “meet” you and learn why they should support your business. Connection opportunities are everywhere, so start using video!




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