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5 Aquatics Products That Break New Ground

In the world of fish-keeping, glow in the dark is having a(nother) moment.




HIGH-TECH SOLUTIONS ARE gaining ground in aquatics. Same with products that meet shoppers’ desires for all-natural options. And in the world of fish-keeping, glow in the dark is having a(nother) moment. Here are some new products that are on trend in those areas.

ReefLED 90W
Red Sea

KEY FEATURES: Hailed for its first-class features, this smart reef lighting system is designed for optimal coral growth and dramatic coloration. Wireless control and programming through the ReefBeat mobile app. 50W option available., (888) RED-SEA9


Marina iGlo 18-gallon kit
HagEn Group

KEY FEATURES: Award winner at Global Pet Expo, iGlo series expands with biggest kit yet. Comes with everything to get “glowing,” including blue and white LED black lighting, day-glow decor, plants and gravel., (800) 353-3444



Marineland Portrait Desktop Kit
Spectrum Brands Pet Care

KEY FEATURES: 5-gallon glass aquarium has three-stage, hidden filtration with a Rite-Size Cartridge and Marineland Bio-Foam, and adjustable flow filter pump. Bright white and blue energy-efficient LED lights.


EcoBio-Stone Nano

KEY FEATURES: Volcanic rock contains beneficial bacteria, which are activated by organic waste in the water. The end result: clean and clear water, done naturally. This award-winner is sized for nano aquariums. Sold as singles and two-packs., (888) 797-7252


Resin-Infused Filter Pads

KEY FEATURES: Compatible with company’s canister filters, line includes ammonia, phosphate and nitrite removers. Easy to use space-saving format, helps trap small particles and debris, for superior water quality., (800) 353-3444


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