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5 Mighty New Products for Small Animals

Expand your offerings with these pint-sized-pet care essentials.




HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS take the best possible care of their Guinea pigs, rabbits and other small animal friends.


KAYTEEOpen Living Guinea Pig or Rabbit Habitat

Large, open-format living space combines safety with easy-to-clean features: extra-tall sides, stable locking-wire frame, durable waterproof liner and easy top opening. 48 by 24 inches, 60 by 30 inches., (800) KAYTEE-1




These naturally crispy pressed treats promote healthy chewing behavior. Made with ground timothy hay, carrot and rice, and packed in a vacuum-sealed foil wrap. 0.42 ounces, ships in a branded display box with 12 treats., (602) 257-8803



HEALTHY PETCarefresh Sea Glass Small Pet Bedding

Made from scratch with pillowy soft, ultra-absorbent ComfyFluff paper, it provides pets a soft, safe, clean, dry home derived from 100-percent reclaimed natural fiber. 23 L and 50 L.,




OXYFRESHCage & Crate Cleaner

Made in the U.S., this small-animal cage cleaner quickly eliminates odors. Non-toxic, and free of bleach, fragrance and alcohol. Groundbreaking formula even removes cage buildup. 16 ounces., (800) 333-7374



OXBOW ANIMAL HEALTHEnriched Life Hideaway Dream Castle

Deluxe, dreamy hideout that features two hay-feeder towers and a spacious interior. Perfect for instinctual hiding behaviors. Easy-to-assemble high-quality corrugate. 20 by 25 by 18.75 inches., (800) 249-0366


Rachel Phelps, a sought-after pet industry influencer and known as “America’s Pet Parent,” is an award-winning writer, photographer and certified dog trainer. She keeps busy managing the career of her internet celebrity dog Preston from She has three Westies who think they are mini-humans and a cat who rules the house.



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