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5 Products to Help You Do Business Better

Don’t miss the Waterproof Pet Pad for kenneled dogs.





Dog moms will love the t-Winning set from BRKLZ. It features a trendy, gold-filled necklace with letter and Swarovski crystal charms for them, plus a clip with matching letter and crystal charms for their pups. Both accessories are plated in 24K gold, and are available in a variety of crystal colors and letter sizes. Feature happy customers on social media with #twinning!


Accidents Happen

Because sometimes kenneled dogs need to go before they get outside, TALL TAILS offers the Waterproof Pet Pad. The highly absorbent pad comes in sizes small, large and extra-large, with respective 1-, 1.5- and 2-cup capacities. Machine washable, it also saves on the cost and environmental impact of disposable pet pads.



Pet Pro Uniforms

Those in a variety of pet care roles will appreciate Barco One and Barco One Wellness scrubs. From BARCO UNIFORMS, both lines feature moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating stretch fabric with antistatic properties that allow animal hair to release quickly. Barco One incorporates recycled plastic bottles, and Barco Wellness features bio-minerals.

$61-$68 scrub sets ; $39-$43 jackets

It’s Prep Time

Get ready for any icy weather this fall and winter. BRANCH CREEK’s Entry Fast-Acting Liquid Ice Melt does not contain chloride — which proves harmful to pets, plants and hard surfaces — and does not leave residue. It works within 30 seconds and prevents refreeze. In bundles of half-gallon with 1-gallon sprayer and 1 gallon with 2-gallon sprayer.

$44.95, $69.65

W-Fi Welcome

Barker’s Lane grooming salon owner Julianna Reese shares her wi-fi with customers while they wait, using this adorable and easily updatable password sign from BETTER HOMES & GARDENS. It measures 9 by 1.5 by 7 inches.


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PETS+ Wellness Summit

Fuel Your Wellness Business at the PETS+ Wellness Summit

This October, PETS+ is hosting its first-ever education and buying summit, with a laser focus on one of the most exciting, fastest-growing areas of the pet business — wellness. The PETS+ Wellness Summit will be held Oct. 1-2 in Rosemont, IL, just outside Chicago and minutes away from O'Hare International Airport. Watch the video to see how you'll boost your wellness business at the event.

Learn more about the Summit and submit your FREE registration at

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Hot Sellers

Hot Sellers for July

Flea and tick solutions and of course, CBD.




Our top-selling product was the Plush Step-In Air Mesh Harness. It is a great-looking harness available for dogs 2 to 40 pounds. The small dog owners we cater to love the fit and quality of the Plush brand. — Tom Jeffrey, Dinky Dog Club, Charleston, SC


  • Cool Pup freezer toys were great. Bomb pops were the big hit! — Kaye Busse-Kleber, Bark on Mulford, Rockford, IL
  • Primal Pet Foods’ goat’s milk and bone broths were hot! We encourage kibble feeders to enhance the bowl so these two products are a perfect fit. We’ve run “get free goat’s milk with purchase” promos and have created a lot of loyal fans. The broths are super-popular for increased hydration, freezing into treats, etc. The pickiest eaters will eagerly slurp up broth. — Karen Conell, The Bark Market, Delavan, WI
  • Our bestseller was our mix-and-match limited-ingredient bar. Customers love it because they can grab “a little of this and a little if that” and know that it’s good for their carnivorous pet! $2.50 per ounce … options include lamb heart, beef heart, beef liver, etc. — Johnna Devereaux, Fetch RI, Richmond, RI
  • All calming products, but mostly Herbsmith. It is very effective for fireworks. — Toni Shelaske, Healthy Pet Products, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Emmi Lu’s Barkery Cookies. Customers are always so impressed by the level of detail and artistry. Plus, good, organic ingredients. We bundle three in a bag to upsell as a pack. — Mark Vitt, Mutts & Co., Delaware, OH
  • Super Snouts CBD products. They work well for all types of things and they have no side effects, which is what people want: something safe for their dogs that will help their needs. — Dylan Giampaolo, Woof Woof Pet Boutique & Biscuit Bar, New Bedford, MA
  • Gibson’s Jerky Dog Treats — all flavors sell great. They smell like bacon but don’t contain bacon and have limited ingredients. The jerky is soft enough to tear into small pieces for training. — Nancy Okun, Cats n Dogs, Port Charlotte, FL
  • WellPup peanut butter and pumpkin treats, made locally in New York, were No. 1. They are formulated by a registered dietician with all natural ingredients and are easy on a dog’s digestive system. — Laura Haupt, Bark & Meow, Tarrytown, NY
  • By dollar value, it’s our locally smoked Junkyard Bones (233-plus pounds sold at $8.49/pound). The bones smell incredible — like really good barbecue — come in four sizes to meet the needs of any size dog, and don’t splinter or crack. Dogs go crazy for them, and they are good for lots and lots of chewing! — Shane Somerville, Paddywack, Mill Creek, WA
  • K9 Granola Factory Simply Biscuits went like crazy this month! I think it is because there are over 100 biscuits in their bags, and the price is right. I have customers who come specifically to our store to purchase them. They come in four flavors. All flavors do well but the Cheese & Bacon biscuits are always the first to run out. We buy directly from the company, and they ship very quickly too, which is much appreciated! — Sandy House, The Store at Paws, Hamden, CT
  • Outward Hound’s dog games by Nina Ottosson. The top two sellers are the Dog Worker and Hide N’ Slide. We don’t need to promote it — the trainers who know our store send their clients to us all the time to check out the mentally challenging games. — Sue Hepner, Cool Dog Gear, Roslyn, PA
  • This summer has been one of the worst flea seasons we have seen, making Tropiclean’s extra-strength flea and tick spray a top seller in July. — Wendy Megyese, Muttigans, Emerald Isle, NC
  • Blossom CBD oils. Clearly CBD is trending and many people come in ready to be converted rather than just seeking information. — Dani Edgerton, Paws on Main, Columbiana, OH
  • We did very well with the Jones Natural Chews Woofers patties. The dogs love them, and people buy them by the case (with a 10 percent case discount). — Dian Marcin, Benny’s Pet Depot, Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Pet Releaf CBD. A wide range of customers love it! It helps their dogs in a variety of ways, from pain management to anxiety. We love selling a product that works! — Leslie Stewart, Southern Barker, Lexington, KY


  • Being primarily a dog spa, our top selling add-on services were our “pawtection package” which is perfect for hot summers in the South with the antibacterial scrub and soothing balm, and our popular Pupgrade which uses Tropiclean’s scent of the month shampoo and blueberry facial. — Sarah Cordes, Knotty Paw, Chelsea, AL
  • Our bestseller in July was a de-shedding brush-out service that yields buckets full of hair! We also sold out of flea and tick products from Vet’s Best. — Charlsye Lewis, Metro Animals, Fort Worth, TX
  • More customers opted to use our conditioning package. We use Hydra Flash Thermo Active Mask by Pet Society. It has been a hit and makes our furry customers have soft, manageable hair! — Amanda Bowman, Fairy Tails Mobile Grooming, Cherry Hill, NJ

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8 Bird Accessories to Get Customers Atwitter

Give bird accessories the room they need and be grateful you don’t have to stock toys for the likes of Squawkzilla.




BIRDS USED TO BE huge — 3 feet tall is the new record with Heracles Inexpectatus, discovered earlier this year by New Zealand scientists. It’s always a struggle to fit bird products in among miles of dog foods and aisle of cat litter, but since we live in a time when birds are tamed and much tinier, give bird accessories the room they need and be grateful you don’t have to stock toys for the likes of Squawkzilla.

Avian Haven Hut for Pet Birds

Crazy K Farm

KEY FEATURES: A soft hut with homey touches and no fabric floor to catch feet or toes on. Hang it over a bird’s existing perch to create an instant safe space.

SALES TIP: Give birds of all sizes their own escape to rest, nap, sleep and snuggle., (800) 980-4165



Happy Beaks

Coco Monkey Coconut

A&E Cage Co.

KEY FEATURES: A friendly face of sustainable elements with a mouth full of chewable cuttlebone and wood blocks.

SALES TIP: Miles of smiles: Hang these heads around so customers are subtly surrounded by happy faces., (800) 631-7387


Coffeawood Tree

Prevue Pet Products

KEY FEATURES: Sustainably harvested from the coffea wood/Java tree, these play stands are excellent for foot exercise and are a unique habitat for play and rest.

SALES TIP: The ultimate playground for birds, each coffea wood tree is a one-of-a-kind piece of art., (312) 243-3624


Bird Hemp


KEY FEATURES: Hemp offers omega 3 and omega 6 acids to help support the immune system, curb destructive behavior and promote relaxation.

SALES TIP: A handy cure-all: Keep it around for feather plucking, temperament, dry skin and seasonal allergies.,(866) 702-5992



Birdie Nest Box

Ware Pet Product

KEY FEATURES: Birds can easily perch, and owners can access them with an easy-access door. Quality construction with a natural wood finish.

SALES TIP: Switch it up for the cage: The nest box comes in both regular and reverse orientation, for Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Parakeets and Finches., (602) 257-8803


Hummer Ring

Songbird Essentials

KEY FEATURES: A tiny feeder that fits on your finger, this study plastic ring with a reservoir for sugar water draws hummingbirds in for an up-close experience.

SALES TIP: A fun add-on for kids who love animals., (800) 269-4450


Bug N’ Berries Block

Wild D’Lites

KEY FEATURES: A unique three-bug blend to draw in wild birds, packed in a solid block for easy feeding.

SALES TIP: Blind taste test: Birds can’t taste flavors, so stock blends you think your customers would like instead., (800) 543-3308



Scratch Block

Henny Penny

KEY FEATURES: A 15-pound supplement packed with whole grains, grit and oyster shells.

SALES TIP: Calcium boost: Give egg layers a leg up with this mineral-packed blend., (209) 634-8522


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9 New Dog Beds That Tick Both the Comfort and Looks Boxes

Dog beds that provide comfort and look good at the same time.




LET’S FACE IT, dogs spend a good chunk of each day sleeping. When it comes to choosing a pet bed, dogs prioritize a supportive spot to snooze, where their pet parents tend to gravitate toward beds that look good. These new releases don’t skimp in either area, pairing form and function.

Thermo-Tent Outdoor Heated Pet Bed & Shelter

K&H Pet Products

KEY FEATURES: Comes with a removable, padded and heated floor, and a removable and washable fleece cover. Available in two sizes.

SALES TIP: The ultimate “pup tent.” Perfect for naps outside, to provide shelter and warmth and avoid the elements., (877) 738-5188

$115.99 – $149.99


Puff Cuddler

Luca for Dogs

KEY FEATURES: Designed for support and comfort, featuring an orthopedic center foam pillow and a plush overstuffed surrounding bolster. Comes in Rose, Midnight and Light Gray, in four sizes.

SALES TIP: Be sure to point out that they are made in the USA., (818) 809-9622

$88.99 – $189.99

QuietTime Deluxe Tulip Bed


KEY FEATURES: Evergreen and Taupe join the neutral color palette with Russet and Gray, for a total of four colors and three sizes. Beds have soft fur interiors and attractive contrast piping.

SALES TIP: The high sides feature extra puff, creating a cozy nesting place., (800) 428-8560

$39.99 – $85.99

Mosaic Lounge Bed


KEY FEATURES: Made from cotton canvas fabric, beds feature furniture-grade craftsmanship, stylish trims and eco-friendly stuffing. Comes in two color patterns and four sizes. Part of family of three new bed designs.

SALES TIP: No need to fret the mess! These beds are machine-washable., (855) 300-7529

$108 – $228


Pet Futons

Up Country

KEY FEATURES: An alternative to bulky, heavy beds, they can be used in crates, rolled up for travel or tucked away in the corner at home. In four sizes.

SALES TIP: Bring the lounging outside. Outdoor options are made with mildew- and water-resistant polyester fabric., (800) 541-5909

$70 – $100

Sleep Zone Cheetah Print Bed

Ethical Products

KEY FEATURES: Welcome to the jungle: Features cheetah animal print on inside walls and cushion with contrasting chocolate soft plush exterior.

SALES TIP: Available in a range of sizes, as well as the round napper and cuddle cave, for all the critters., (800) 223-7768

$22.99 – $44.99

SheRUFF Pug Round Pet Bed


KEY FEATURES: Handmade and reversible, featuring cotton prints. Comes in two sizes.

SALES TIP: Extra plush: The beds are stuffed with Angel Hair Fiber, a bouncy, springy stuffing used in luxury pillows for humans. Doesn’t clump together and stays fluffy even after washing., (909) 673-0998

$43.99 – $49.99


Ortho Sleeper Bolster Bed

Carolina Pet Company

KEY FEATURES: Designed for seniors but suitable for any age pet, with a wrap-around bolster for support, contrasting natural Sherpa sleep deck and 4 inches of medical grade orthopedic foam.

SALES TIP: The plush velvet microfiber cover is removable and machine-washable, and it comes in Sage, Chocolate and Saddle to fit any decor.

$129 – $269

Restcycle Bed


KEY FEATURES: Baffled mattress filled with patented Restcycle foam. Microsuede sleeping surface has built-in pillow topper. Removable, machine-washable cover made from recycled materials. Two color choices.

SALES TIP: Your customers will rest easy knowing patented Restcycle foam is eco-friendly, and remains dry and odor-free., (888) 783-3932


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