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There’s an obesity crisis in this country affecting animals as well as humans. With most major pet food brands loaded with carbohydrate fillers, over 50% of dogs and cats are classified as obese or overweight.* Nulo was designed in response to this pet health epidemic. It’s a complete line of food and treats created for the naturally carnivorous pets we love. From high-meat kibble to freeze-dried raw food, here are the 5 top reasons why Nulo is exceptional in every way.

Backed by Science

1 Nulo was created by animal nutritionists, veterinarians and food formulators with the knowledge that dogs and cats are naturally carnivorous and thrive on meat-based foods. Nulo’s products are more nutritious and closer to the ancestral diets of dogs and cats than many major pet food brands.

Animal-Based Proteins

2 Pet food that is 40% carb fillers and loaded with high levels of plant-based proteins are about as nutritious as processed food is for humans. When consumed on a daily basis, these ingredients can add weight and increase a pet’s risk of diabetes, arthritis and other obesity-related diseases. Nulo’s primary ingredients are nutrition-dense animal-based proteins, the natural diet dogs and cats love.

Low Carb, Low Glycemic Ingredients

3 Diets with high animal protein provide dogs and cats with a more stable blood sugar level. Conversely, high starch diets can negatively impact their health. You won’t find fillers like pea protein, white potatoes, corn, tapioca or wheat in Nulo products. These ingredients are commonly added to many major pet food brands to extend shelf life. You will find a balanced recipe that’s high in animal protein and low in carbs.


4 Animals, like humans, thrive with healthy gut bacteria. As the center of a pet’s immune system, a healthy digestive system helps dogs and cats to live a longer, healthier life. Nulo’s recipes use the patented GanedenBC30 probiotic, designed to survive the cooking process as well as store shelf life and remains viable in the gut to promote healthy digestion and immune health.


5 Nulo was founded as a labor of love. The brand name is at the very heart of its founding—it’s where nutrition meets love—Nu (for nutrition) and Lo (for love). Nulo founder and CEO Michael Landa, wanted to create a line of pet food that would improve the lives of dogs and cats — including his own beloved Max, a black English Labrador. Ten years ago, Michael and Max moved to Austin, Texas to start Nulo. Today, that same mixture of nutrition and love still go into every Nulo product.

*11th Annual Obesity Prevalence Survey Conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP)