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6 Intro Videos for $1,000 or Less




VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR, and it continues to dominate. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, video will make up 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2021.

What does that mean for you? Potential customers will increasingly look to learn about your business through a promotional video, whether on your website, social media or search. If you don’t have one, they may choose a competitor that does.

Not sure where to start on such a project? These fellow pet business owners share their experiences.

Concerned about the cost? The examples here range from free to $1,000. 

Homeward Bound GILFORD, NH

This promotional video emphasizes Homeward Bound’s customizable dog-walking services and easy online scheduling. Viewers see pups playing and clients clicking, with narration throughout by owner Alix Marcoux DiLorenzo.


The video cost just $200, thanks to her participation in a Plymouth State University business accelerator course, during which she partnered with a young videographer building his portfolio.

“We brought him out on a day of dog walking, where he shot all of the footage.”

The video runs 1 minute, 36 seconds, with a 30-second version she edited going into email responses to potential clients. DiLorenzo offers this tip: Specify length in writing.

Nature’s Pet Market SALEM, OR

When Hewlett-Packard asked to shoot a “Customer Story” at Nature’s Pet Market, owner Terri Ellen jumped at the chance. Not only would the video promote her store, but HP offered her rights to all of the footage. With the help of a local production company, Ellen used it to create her own video featuring customer testimonials.

“Three years later, I still use it for marketing. I share it on Facebook, my website, Instagram, during local presentations and wherever else appropriate.”


Ellen offers this tip: Don’t use information that will soon be out of date. “In my video, I mentioned we have four freezers” she says. “A year later, we had seven!”


To build buzz for summer boarding at The Green K9, owner Marni Lewis created a promotional video in the style of an action movie trailer. She used her iPhone 8 to capture dogs playing, and iMovie to combine it with photos, text and music.

“We put it on our Facebook page, and I spent $30 over six days to boost the post. It received 3,000 views, and the comments were very positive and heartwarming. It’s amazing that a video of this quality can be made on a phone for free.”


Owner Keith Miller went the professional route for this Bubbly Paws video. “It cost $1,000 and was worth every penny,” he says.


Viewers see the welcoming, spa-like atmosphere and hear the benefits of self-bathing from Keith and his wife, Patrycia.

Keith offers these tips: Shoot interviews before your business opens. “Nothing ruins audio like barking dogs, dryers or talking in the background.” Also, use a paid service like Vimeo to host the video. “I’m not a fan of YouTube because it will insert ads into the video. Nothing would annoy me more than seeing the competition’s ad at the start of our video.”


This promotional video introduces Dog Krazy owner Nancy Guinn and her menagerie of pets. It also touts her certified pet nutritionist status and tells potential customers how she selects products to sell.

“I wanted to explain why Dog Krazy is different from other stores. We don’t just bring products in without fully researching them and making sure they are top of the line. We truly care about the health of pets, not just making a profit.”

Guinn hired a graphic designer to create the animated video. Price tag: $180.

The Dining Dog & Friends ALLENTOWN, PA

This promotional video for The Dining Dog & Friends makes pets and humans alike drool. Part of a digital marketing package from local firm HoM Consulting, it highlights products made at the store.

“We wanted to showcase as much of the market and what sets us apart from others.

That includes our freshly baked goods, soups, stews and more that are lovingly prepared in our onsite kitchen and commercial bakery,” co-owner Althea Seeds says.

“In the video you can see the freshness. You can practically smell it!”



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