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6 Mobile Dog (and Cat) Groomers Who Inspire and Advise

Thinking of making the switch to mobile pet grooming? Cross the finish line with help from these savvy on-the-go groomers.




MANY PETS AND their people prefer mobile grooming to brick-and-mortar salons, and more than a few groomers do, too! These pet pros share how they provide services on the go — from their wrap design and vehicle choice to routing and pricing — for those looking to make the switch or add to their offerings.

Groovy Groomers  mobile groomer

Groovy Groomers

This Mercedes Sprinter converted by Wag’n Tails and wrapped by Hunter Graphix draws inspiration from Scooby Doo’s iconic Mystery Machine.
“I wanted to be seen, and I wanted the name to be easy to remember, so Groovy Groomers was born,” Stacey Morris, who owns the business with husband Jeff, says. “Everyone recognizes the vans, and even if they don’t use our service, or even have a dog, they make people smile.”

TIPS: When setting prices, Morris shares that even though mobile grooming typically costs more, “we try to keep our prices close to the shops around here to not make it too difficult on a lot of our older clients. We recognize how important dogs can be, especially the elderly, who may not see a lot of people.”


Katie’s Divine K9S mobile groomer

Katie’s Divine K9S

Katherine Krumme also opted for a Mercedes Sprinter, converted by Hanvey Engineering & Design. She gave simple directions to Allegra Dallas on designing the wrap: “I told them I have an Airedale and I like the color teal.” Inside, “I added flower stickers to give the white walls a bit more of a shop or home feel.”

TIP: Thinking about going mobile? Krumme highly recommends it. “I worked in a shop for three years and will never go back. Mobile is very peaceful and can be relaxing if you plan your routes correctly and have the right clients.”

Spa Meeow & Spa Bark Mobile Grooming

Spa Meeow & Spa Bark Mobile Grooming

Jennifer Schilling designed the exteriors of her Spa Meeow and Spa Bark mobile grooming vans with watercolor and digital artist Christy Freeman Stark. The wraps featuring wet kitties and spa pups cover Dodge Ram Promasters converted by Wag’n Tails. Each van also features the Thera-Clean Microbubble System.

TIPS: Keep size in mind when choosing a vehicle, Schilling says. “We like the smaller conversions for city life … easier to move around, park, etc.” She also advises, “Stick to areas each day and don’t go out of your way. People will change to make it happen and get your service 99 percent of the time.”

Fluff My Life mobile grromer

Fluff My Life

Personal pets Veruca, Pandora and Juno adorn the side of Sara Mock-Mason’s mobile grooming van, another Mercedes Sprinter, converted and wrapped by Hanvey. Giant scissors help convey to passersby its purpose.

TIPS: When deciding on a mobile grooming setup, Mock-Mason points out that industry events offer the opportunity to learn about the leading conversion companies. “You can tour a unit, stand in it, push buttons and envision if this particular conversion is right for you.” She adds, “Network with other groomers around you and tag along for a day in their unit to see what preferences you have. We love showing off our vans.”


Ooh La La Mobile Pet Spa mobile groomer

Ooh La La Mobile Pet Spa

When designing the exterior of their mobile pet spa, Christopher Swanson and Heather DiFusco opted for a full wrap with a pink, eye-catching Parisian theme befitting its name.
“We decided it was best for vehicle protection, and we wanted to get our brand out there,” Swanson says. “Within months, the wrap paid for itself with all of the driving around we were doing. Our clientele grew!”
For the vehicle itself, they chose a Mercedes Sprinter converted by Hanvey. Its setup makes safety and ease of use a priority for both groomer DiFusco and her clients. The grooming table lowers to the ground and raises to an ergonomic height. A plexiglass barrier that separates the table from the tub slides out so dogs can walk easily between the two. She appreciates the minimal lifting it allows.

TIP: Swanson recommends going with a conversion company because while the DIY route can cost less initially, “if anything fails on a personal conversion, you’re dealing with multiple companies where you purchased the equipment.”

Hounds Around Town mobile groomer

Hounds Around Town

Melissa Norman opted for a wrapped truck and trailer for two reasons: affordability and adaptability. She loved the idea of a converted van, “but I hated the idea of spending more on it than I did my first house and having a large van payment.” And “when my truck breaks down, I can borrow one and keep working.”



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