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8 Accessories for Pocket Pets

Dust baths, bedding and activities for rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.




HEDGEHOGS ARE HAVING a moment, showing up on social media chill and smiling, making life momentarily better for anyone looking. Whether that translates into small animal ownership remains to be seen, but people who own pocket pets know the power of a little smile. Stock up on fluffy bedding, volcanic dust baths and special play pads to keep these little pocket pals going.

Salad Essentials

Exotic Nutrition

KEY FEATURES: An aromatic blend of 14 colorful ingredients like marigold, dandelion and peppermint.

SALES TIP: Like any good salad, this toss is high in fiber and rich in minerals and oils., (757) 988-0301


Smakers Snack

A&E Cage Co.

KEY FEATURES: Standing more than 7 inches high, these colorful treat sticks come covered in millet grain, wheat and seeds.

SALES TIP: Easy to serve — hang it in a cage or hand it over., (800) 631-7387



Enriched Life Play Table

Oxbow Animal Health

KEY FEATURES: A special small animal play center made with untreated wood, safe vegetable inks and natural fibers.

SALES TIP: Customize the play place to keep the daily routine interesting., (531) 721-2300


Plush Pine Small Animal Bedding

Beachy Bedding

KEY FEATURES: An all-natural, heat treated, kiln-dried bedding, sourced from sustainably managed forests.

SALES TIP: Save previous shelf space with these firm-packed flakes that re-puff when unpacked., (888) 349-1939


Pet Bedding

Comfy Critter

KEY FEATURES: As comfy as it is effective, this light bedding is made from golden chopped straw flakes, dust extracted and hammer-milled.

SALES TIP: Doubles as compost and works best for soft footed pets like guinea pigs and small rodents, rabbits and ferrets., (215) 880-5324



Chinchilla Dust Bath


KEY FEATURES: Ideal for show competition or everyday use, this ash bath is mined from a deposit that’s more than 11 million years old.

SALES TIP: The only product in your store that’s also the product of a massive super volcano., (785) 336-6833


First Cut Timothy Hay


KEY FEATURES: A coarser cut of hay ideal for small animals, packed with fiber to keep digestive systems on track.

SALES TIP: Premium hay from a family farm with large seed heads to attract rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas and tortoises., (760) 344-8889


Extreme Odor Control Clean & Cozy Bedding


KEY FEATURES: Soft bedding to encourage burrowing while absorbing two times more liquid than wood shavings.

SALES TIP: Extended odor control, with a guaranteed 14 days of neutralized odor., (800) 529-8331




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