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8 Dogs, 2 Cats: Imagine Rachel Diller’s Cuddle Piles

Rachel Diller definitely knows how to unwind.




Photo By Ariane Delafosse Uhll

Rachel Diller
Urban Sophisticats & The Poodle Shop, Littleton, CO

Nationally Certified Master Groomer. Certified Feline Master Groomer. AKC Breeder of Merit. Rachel Diller excels at a variety of pet professions. She also knows how to unwind. Always ready for naps are English Mastiffs Marbles, Jax, Sunny, Arai and Aspen. Oriental Shorthairs Eneya, Indy and A Aron (shown here) also keep her company, as do shop Persians Faith and Lola. Just imagine the cuddle piles she finds herself in!

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