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8 Fish Foods That Go Beyond All Filler, No Kriller

Look for aquatic nutrition that stands out when stocking up.




A NEW PET INDUSTRY outlook from Crystal Market Research predicts rising demand in specialty fish foods for premium varieties, high nutrient values and time-release technology. The report also notes high-quality diets are becoming available at affordable prices, so when you stock up, look for aquatic nutrition that stands out.

Nutri-Pond Sticks

Aquatic Nutrition Inc.

KEY FEATURES: Nutritional diets packed in a stick-shaped floatable, designed for pond pals like koi and goldfish. Feed them as a daily primary diet or a special treat.

SALES TIP: Great for bait: Pond creatures will surface for these floating snacks, giving pet owners more selfie opportunities for #koifans., (352) 357-0902


Nano Blanket Food Blocks


KEY FEATURES: Plankton and spirulina complement each other in this time-release diet, made especially for shrimp, crabs and crayfish.

SALES TIP: This one gives you three ways to sell: as a supplemental food source for difficult feeders, to mix up the daily diet, and for weekend and vacation feeding., (888) 496-6633



Spirulina 3-Day Feeder


KEY FEATURES: These nourishing vegetable supplements provide up to three days of food for mollies, catfish, algae eaters and snails.

SALES TIP: A life hack for those who travel: Drop in a shell-shaped feeder for any three-day weekend or business trip., (866) 625-2385


Vibra Bites

Hikari Sales USA Inc.

KEY FEATURES: Imitating a vibrant pile of bloodworms, this high-end line offers outstanding nutrition and color-enhancing capacity you have to see to believe.

SALES TIP: This top-shelf food offers the big three for fish: growth, color enhancement and immune system support., (800) 621-5619


Algae Blasts


KEY FEATURES: Red algae pairs with spirulina, vitamins and minerals, plus whole anchovies and whole shrimp for this diet made for freshwater and marine algae eaters.

SALES TIP: It gives algae-eating fish a high protein boost and gets a big reaction from hungry fish., (855) 354-8318


Bug Bites


KEY FEATURES: A high-protein diet made of a unique insect-based formula starring black soldier fly larvae.

SALES TIP: Enriched with multiple proteins, balanced with fiber-rich ingredients and designed to sink, making it ideal for bottom feeders., (800) 554-2436



Coral Food

Cobalt Aquatics

KEY FEATURES: Rotifers and cyclops blend with spirulina to make these nutrient-dense frozen coral food cubes.

SALES TIP: Up that foot traffic — offer next-day delivery for these frozen foods to be the spot for corals and other filter-feeding invertebrates., (803) 591-9500


Nutramar Ogo

Quality Marine

KEY FEATURES: A nutritious diet made of freeze-dried gracilaria algae that comes alive with full rehydration and looks as lively as it does in the wild.

SALES TIP: Show off the magic of how it rehydrates to approximately 10 times its dry weight., (310) 846-4040




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