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8 Wet Dog Foods That Draw Inspiration from Around the World

Pup parents today can feed wet foods inspired by international dishes, regional barbecues and homestyle stews.




BACK IN THE DAY, dogs had little variety when it came to wet food. Now they dine on meals that resemble daily specials at the restaurants frequented by their humans. Stock these options for shelf appeal and happy pups.

Nulo Challenger Stews

Nulo Challenger Stews
Nulo Pet Food

KEY FEATURES: Hearty chunks of meat and vegetables slow-cooked to tenderness. Harvest Turkey, Homestyle Beef and Savory Chicken recipes. Approved and guaranteed by the company’s Chief Tasting Officer, Max. 11-ounce carton., (512) 476-6856


Replenish Dog Can Chicken Sardine

Replenish Pet

KEY FEATURES: Chunky meats in gravy with veggies, slow-cooked to retain flavor. Grain-free recipes include Chicken & Sardine in Gravy. Grain-inclusive recipes include Chicken, Vegetables & Rice with Teriyaki Sauce. 13.2-ounce can., (888) 442-2114



Diamond Naturals Lamb Dinner for Adult Dogs

Diamond Naturals Lamb Dinner for Adult Dogs

KEY FEATURES: Real lamb protein provides superior taste and nutrition to keep dogs healthy and active. With enhanced vitamins, minerals and superfoods, plus prebiotic fiber. Soft pate. 13.2-ounce can. Also chicken and beef., (800) 442-0402

Price by request

Merrick Slow Cooked BBQ

Slow Cooked BBQ

KEY FEATURES: Because dogs love to debate who has the best BBQ, this food comes in Texas, Carolina, Memphis and Kansas City recipes. Deboned meat, with real whole veggies and savory broth. Crafted in Hereford, TX, and cooked in the U.S. 12.7-ounce can., (800) 664-7387


Against the Grain dog food

Nothing Else

KEY FEATURES: Because dogs eat paleo, too, this loaf-in-gravy food contains only pork, turkey, chicken, beef, salmon or duck. So that means no grain, gluten, gums, corn, wheat, soy or added water. Made in the U.S. 11-ounce can., (847) 537-0102



Health Extension Mediterranean dog canned food

Geo Destination

KEY FEATURES: New recipes Montana Grill Buffalo and Whitefish, Carolina Skillet Pork, French Bistro Rabbit and Mediterranean Roast Lamb. Apple cider vinegar and coconut oil aid digestion and add shine to coats. No wheat, soy, corn, GMO ingredients or artificial preservatives. 12.5-ounce can.


Portlland Pet Food Salmon N Rice Packaging

Wally’s Salmon N’ Rice

KEY FEATURES: With Northwest wild-caught salmon gently and slowly cooked in small batches, this 100 percent all-natural, gluten- and wheat-free meal also contains U.S.-sourced carrots, peas, brown rice, spinach, eggs and eggshells, vegetable oil, potato flour and sea salt. 9-ounce pouch.


Tiki Dog Taste of India

Taste of the World Dog Food

KEY FEATURES: Thai Coconut Curry, Indian Chicken Masala and Chinese Peking Duck may tempt pet parents to take a taste! Whole, recognizable non-GMO ingredients such as shredded chicken, red bell pepper, coconut milk, carrots, rice and noodles. 3-ounce cup., (800) 361-9079




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