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9 Bird Toys for Fun from Head to Toe

Toys that address needs from head to toe.




Order chewable beads and baubles, natural mats and play areas, plus complicated ladders to improve fine motor skills, build climbing muscles and encourage foot play.


Leather and Blocks
Playful Parrot

KEY FEATURES: A mix of tanned vegetable leather and ABC blocks offers plenty of textures and shapes to keep birds busy for hours.

SALES TIP: It’s a 10-inch tall toy that includes 24 feet of fun., (800) 549-5509



Birdie Bark Twisted Ladder
Ware Pet Products

KEY FEATURES: Made from textured twigs that birds can climb and chew, this toy promotes foot and beak health plus important mental and physical stimulation.

SALES TIP: Show these off to folks with energetic birds — the simple structure offers a positive outlet for excess energy., (602) 257-8803



Desktop Activity Center

KEY FEATURES: Seven interactive toys fit in this 17-inch play space for parakeets and cockatiels.

SALES TIP: Make it your own: Add toys, treats and enrichment tools to this customizable playground., (800) 529-8331



Charmed, I’m Sure

KEY FEATURES: These colorful rings and charms require birds to work, turn and pull — good practice to develop dexterity and fine motor skills.

SALES TIP: Shake it up! This jangly bunch is great for birds on the all side, like parrotlets, parakeets and lovebirds., (970) 263-8381



1743 Tini Tingle
Bonka Bird Toys

KEY FEATURES: A tiny liberty bell jingles below a colorful mess of rings, shiny plastic pacifiers and jangling rings.

SALES TIP: Birds will hang on to this one — this best-selling 4-inch toy has a robust design that will hold up to loads of climbing and tugging., (754) 223-5386



Natural Weave Cage Climbing Mat

KEY FEATURES: A climbing wall dotted with brightly colored wood shapes and made of all natural materials.

SALES TIP: Give all and medium size birds a full-body workout with nearly 14 square inches of exercise opportunity., (866) 625-2385



Surprise Bag

KEY FEATURES: A foraging toy made of natural burlap and filled with stimulating crinkle paper.

SALES TIP: What’s inside? Foraging birds and all parrots will be wowed by the surprises they find., (888) 996-6629



The Busy Beaks Bagel Nut Foot Toy

KEY FEATURES: Two chunky bagelettes are sandwiched between a sturdy nut and bolt in this easily refillable toy.

SALES TIP: A jumbo, chunky foot toy for those mega beaks in the house., (936) 344-8400




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