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9 Travel Carriers for Cats on the Move

with eye-catching style to boot…




GONE ARE THE days of struggling to stuff kitty into the small front opening of a hard-shelled cat carrier for the dreaded schlep to the vet. Today, pet parents have a lot of options that are designed for easier and happier trips for everyone. We’ve selected some products that allow for better carrying and traveling, with eye-catching style to boot.

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All About Town

For the feline aficionado who wants a multi-purpose carrier, we’ve selected a few that are fun and functional. When educating your customers about carrier choices, be sure to tell them to take the time to get their cat used to its new home away from home, through gradual introduction and positive reinforcement.

Jackson Galaxy Double Extend Carrier

KEY FEATURES: It’s like a kitty tent! The double extending sides make this carrier extra spacious. Five points of entry, removable machine washable pad.

SALES TIP: Extra room and comfort makes it ideal for extended travel.

Advertisement, (877) 738-6283


VW Campervan Pet Carrier

VW Campervan Pet Carrier
Monster Factory

KEY FEATURES: Zips flat for easy cleaning and storage, openings in front and back.

SALES TIP: A retro look for taking kitty for a ride down memory lane … or to the vet., (682) 708-5505



Darien Pet Carrier

Darien Pet Carrier
A Pet with Paws

KEY FEATURES: Pets can travel in style with a unisex-look tote made of eco-friendly embossed vegan leather.

SALES TIP:  Attaches to the patented Pet-Trek foldable wheeled trolley., (917) 664-6079



$169 with Pet Trek

Hitting the Trails

Get kitty outside while keeping her safe with a front or back wearable carrier. Feline family members can join in on walks, hikes and other activities from the security of one of these packs. Features to look for: padded straps and pockets for the wearer’s comfort, safety clip and ample mesh.

I-GO2 Traveler

I-GO2 Traveler
Pet Gear 

KEY FEATURES: Roomy carrier with expandable sides. Telescoping handle and wheels easily turns it into a carrier for traveling. Available in five colors.

SALES TIP: Perfect multi-use carrier, can be used as backpack, tote, carrier or car seat., (877) 752-9123


Classy Go Sling Carrier

Classy Go Sling Carrier
K&H Manufacturing

KEY FEATURES: Pocket for keys and cellphone. Adjustable waist and shoulder straps for comfort and stability, interior safety leash to clip into harness or collar, two entry points on front and top.

SALES TIP: Product line also includes a backpack carrier., (877) 738-5188


Pooch Pouch Front Carrier
Outward Hound

KEY FEATURES: Interior safety clip and drawstring top. Made from waterproof nylon.

SALES TIP: Don’t let the name deter you. These are popular with cat owners as well., (800) 477-5735


Airline Approved

When taking felines into the friendly skies, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a carrier: It should have good ventilation, be leak-proof and be able to fit under an airplane seat. We’ve chosen three in a range of price points that will give your customers’ cats an upgrade to first class.

Sleepypod Air

Sleepypod Air

KEY FEATURES: Luggage-grade nylon, expandable sides that fold in to fit under airplane seats, zippered pocket, interior harness clip and machine-washable bedding.

SALES TIP: Doubles as a crash-tested car seat., (626) 421-6818


Sherpa Comfort Ride from Worldwise

Sherpa Comfort Ride

KEY FEATURES: Wide oval base that zips off for cleaning, three-sided puncture-resistant mesh, available in two sizes.

SALES TIP: Carrier joins brand’s Guaranteed On Board program that meets major airlines’ regulations for pet travel., (303) 623-3327


Soft-sided Travel Carrier from Pawfect Pets

Soft-sided Travel Carrier
Pawfect Pets

KEY FEATURES: Reinforced “claw-defense” mesh, seat-belt buckles for car use, storage pockets, padded shoulder strap and spare fleece mat.

SALES TIP: Affordable price point, yet stylish design.




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