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9 Extras for Feathered Friends

Make cage life a little more bearable.




COMPARED TO THE bright blue sky, companion birds deal with pretty cramped conditions. To make cage life a little more bearable, pet parents invest in special lights, coverings and air purifiers that give birds the environmental cues they’d get in a natural environment, plus bird baths, swings and perches to keep them active, happy and clean. Here are some bird accessories to add to your lineup.

Sights & Smells

Give birds a taste of the outdoors with proper airflow, sunlight and darkness. Light is especially important to birds: UVB light helps birds synthesize vitamin D3 for calcium absorption, strong bones and egg production, and UVA supports physical and psychological health. At the end of the day, cutting off light helps birds get proper rest, and good filtration tamps down pollens, dander and allergens.

Avian Sun Deluxe Floor Lamp

KEY FEATURES: This adjustable gooseneck lamp gives birds full-spectrum light so they can synthesize vitamin D3, spot their mates and maintain strong bones.

SALES TIP: A little light goes a long way. Without UVA, birds are essentially color-blind!, (888) 496-6633



Airfare Tulip 1000
AirFree Air Purifier

KEY FEATURES: This silent and slim device draws in air, heats it to more than 400 degrees and destroys microorganisms and allergens in a fraction of a second.

SALES TIP: Avoid a nasty case of bird-breeder’s lung and help avian-loving asthmatics breathe easier with this powerful purifier., (626) 921-4426


Large Bird Cage Cover
Prevue Pet

KEY FEATURES: Reduce stressful distractions and stimulation with this color-fast, breathable cage cover, available in four sizes to fit different ranges of Prevue cages.

SALES TIP: Birds get better shut-eye when you can create a calming, covered environment.

Advertisement, (312) 243-3624


Multipurpose Perches

Bird cages can — and should — have more than one perch to keep birds interested and cut down on podiatry problems like bumble foot. On average, bird feet should wrap two-thirds around the perch, so use that measurement when you’re sizing, and position edible perches at the highest point in the cage and preening perches further down. For best results, monitor the health of a bird’s feet regularly.

Living World (Hagen)

KEY FEATURES: This nontoxic cement perch uses a wavy surface with multiple grips to promote foot circulation and prevent arthritis.

SALES TIP: Recommend the medium size to conure and caique collectors for foot health and beak conditioning., (800) 724-2436



Lazy Loft Perch
Polly’s Pet Products

KEY FEATURES: Birds stand easily on this space-saving corner perch and can use the scratchy surface for nail trimming.

SALES TIP: Have a sick or handicapped bird? This perch distributes the bird’s weight over the total foot area, so they don’t have to hang on., (478) 929-9584


E2 Cuttlebone Perch

KEY FEATURES: This cutting-edge perch design features real cuttlebone plus an advanced blend of vitamins and minerals.

SALES TIP: The E2 Cuttlebone blend does double duty, helping birds fortify their nails and beaks, too., (866) 625-2385


Swings & Things

Bird owners keep up the hobby because it’s fun to watch birds do what they do best: Cut loose and hang out. Get a good look on the splishing and splashing of the bath, or watch a bird go nuts on a swing. Look for products that promise nontoxic ingredients and provide the things birds need, like places to preen, get physical and swing around.

Insight Bird Bath
JW Pet

KEY FEATURES: This bright birdbath fits small and medium square cages and gives bird owners a clear view on cleanliness.

SALES TIP: The unique rubber rim cuts down on feather dust and keeps bath water from splashing all over., (877) 738-6283


Jungle Swing
Caitec / Featherland Paradise

KEY FEATURES: Mimicking a natural branch, this roost works well for small parrots and birds of a similar size.

SALES TIP: Keep things swinging with a gizmo that offers mental stimulation and rugged physical play., (888) 338-2473


Quick Lock Bird Bath

KEY FEATURES: With a heavy-duty durable plastic design, this 5-inch bath holds lovebirds and finches steady in or outside of the cage.

SALES TIP: Do the twist — the design includes a simple installation so it’s easy to remove for a quick rinse., (800) 358-8254




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