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9 Foods for Dogs with a Special Diet

There is something for every pup, in all stages of health and wellness.




AS DOG DIETS get more and more specialized, there is something for every pup, in all stages of health and wellness. Whether your customers are looking to put their dogs on a diet that closely matches their own, or they are looking for help getting their pups to feel better or slim down, here are a few newer options to consider. 

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Vegan Vittles

What’s good enough for people should be good enough for their canine companions, right? Many pet parents are switching their dogs’ diets to match their own, for ethical or health reasons. Others are trying plant-based foods as an elimination diet, to rule out different animal protein sensitivities. No matter the reason, this food category is gaining ground!

Garden of Vegan
Halo, Purely for Pets

KEY FEATURES: Nutritionally balanced, wholesome blend of chickpeas, non-GMO vegetables and oils. Made without meat protein, dairy, rice, corn, wheat or wheat gluten. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. 

SALES TIP: Expand the offerings by pairing with canned formula., (800) 426-4256


Kinder Kibble

KEY FEATURES: Kinder Kibble uses all-natural ingredients and superfoods to create a healthy alternative to meat-based proteins, without corn, soy or wheat. 

SALES TIP: Making the switch to plant-based can help with skin allergies and digestive issues., (888) 280-8364


Wysong Vegan

KEY FEATURES: Not a new food, but one that has undergone recent reformulations to include more protein, fat, probiotics and prebiotics. 

SALES TIP: Health-minded non-vegans can use it as a base for a meaty meal topper. Also suitable for cats., (800) 748-0188


Tender tummies

Some dogs suffer from sensitive stomachs all the time, and others have an occasional bout of eating something that didn’t agree with them. Whatever the case, you can help your customers be prepared with gentle recipes, for short-term and long-term options. Because when upset stomachs strike, your customers will be looking for some specialized solutions.

Freeze Dried Bland Diet
Under the Weather

KEY FEATURES: Freeze-dried gentle formulas with electrolytes for dogs going through a temporary sickness. 

SALES TIP: A pup pantry essential, with a three-year shelf life. Customers will want to have it on hand, just in case., (844) 633-1217


Sensitive Stomach
Diamond CARE

KEY FEATURES: Potatoes and egg protein make this easy to digest. With psyllium husk to support digestion and probiotic strains native to the canine GI tract. 

SALES TIP: Developed by vets, dogs begging for relief will be howling with delight., (844) 813-2116


GO! Digestive Health Turkey Meal Mixer

KEY FEATURES: Made with turkey, pumpkin, probiotics and fiber. Designed to be mixed into kibble, stews or pâtés — or on their own. 

SELLING TIP: Keep these portable packages on hand for traveling or other on-the-go moments when “fast food” is needed., (866) 864-6112


Slim Fast

Owners of overweight pets want to help their pups shed the pounds without sacrificing quality nutrition. Often, chronically obese dogs have other health issues that need to be addressed at the same time. These formulas help meet a variety of needs.

Orijen Fit & Trim
Champion Petfoods

KEY FEATURES: Chicken, turkey, eggs and fish make up 85 percent of the food. Also contains fiber to help overweight dogs feel full. 

SALES TIP: Patented “Whole Prey” formulas use the whole animal, with plenty of organ meats, cartilage and bones, to provide all the nutrients dogs need., (877) 939-0006


Low Glycemic Turkey Grain Free Blend
My Perfect Pet Food

KEY FEATURES: In turkey, chicken and beef flavors, each bag has seven 8-ounce frozen bars.

SALES TIP: Display bags are available for dry food shelves to draw customers to the frozen section., (858) 486-6510


Fit & Fabulous
Solid Gold

KEY FEATURES: A low-fat, low-calorie weight control recipe added to the Fit and Fabulous line with easily digestible chicken, sweet potatoes and green beans. 

SALES TIP: Next step? Getting Fido to hit the doggie treadmill., (800) 364-4863




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