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9 Foods Show Expanding Options in Cat Fare




PET FOOD SALES are hitting new highs, and strong growth will likely continue over the next five years. That’s the rosy picture painted by marketing firm Packaged Facts in the 13th edition of its annual report looking at U.S. pet food sales. Some current trends identified in the report include market specialization, superfoods and other new directions for healthy eating. We take a look at those and highlight some dry cat foods that align with them.

PRICE SCALE: $ $0-$2/pound | $$ $2-$3/pound | $$$ $3-$4/pound | $$$$ $4+/pound

Dining in

In a move toward increased segmentation, in addition to diets tailored for different ages and stages, you now see specializations for breed, weight, activity level, as well as allergies and other health conditions. In the cat world, one of the biggest subgroups is meeting the specific needs of indoor felines. There are many foods to choose from, and we’ve picked three for you to consider.

Wellness Complete Health Indoor

KEY FEATURES: Wellness recently released 15 new wet and dry formulas, which include recipes specifically for indoor cats. In Complete Health, new dry recipes come in chicken, senior, multicat and healthy weight, all grain-free and made to maximize an indoor cat’s lifestyle. CORE’s Indoor Ocean is a new salmon and herring meal recipe.

SALES TIP: No kitty left behind! Something for all ages, activity levels and body types., (800) 225-0904



Let’s Stay In
Solid Gold

KEY FEATURES: Specially designed to meet the needs of indoor cats, this food combines nutrient-dense chicken or salmon (two varieties), with lentils and 20 nutritious superfoods.

SALES TIP: More filling, less hacking. Fiber-dense lentils help kitty feel full and ease hair through the digestive tract, helping hairballs to stay in check., (800) 364-4863


Freestyle Indoor Cat

KEY FEATURES: A balance of animal-based proteins, fats, fibers and other nutrients to help indoor cats stay sleek and fit. No potatoes, rice, or tapioca.


SALES TIP: Got a gut feeling? Nulo is powered by a proprietary probiotic strain that supports gastrointestinal health., (512) 476-6856


Hold the Grains

When it comes to healthy eating, more Americans are becoming more proactive about doing good for their bodies. They have the same concerns for their kitty companions. As pet parents take steps to scrutinize the label, what’s not in the bag is just as important as what’s in the bag. Here are a few grain-free options that put a premium on protein and leave out the fillers.

Feline Sustain No. 29

KEY FEATURES: Grain free, fresh meat formula contains two Marine Stewardship Council-certified sources of fish, one of which is Alaskan cod.


SALES TIP: Striving for perfection: The name of the food came about when Annamaet’s president, in an effort to get it exactly right, ended up tweaking this formula 29 times., (888) 723-0367


Grain-Free Turkey and Salmon Cat Food
Health Extension Pet Care

KEY FEATURES: A grain-free formula for kittens and cats with real meat getting top billing. This product has no byproducts or rendered animal fats, corn, gluten, soy, wheat or artificial preservatives.

SALES TIP: So good, why would you even think of adding grains to it?, (800) 992-9738



KEY FEATURES: High-protein chicken and salmon-flavored formulas that follow a cat’s carnivorous ancestral diet. Grain-free, no chicken byproduct meal, corn, wheat, or soy.

SALES TIP: Evo fans can take heart that this new Mars brand has been receiving positive reviews and is affordable meat-first option., (800) 255-4738


Fine Dining

Break out the good china for these gourmet meals. Along with the rise in super-premium foods, another new trend is to feature out-of-the-box ingredients, such as novel proteins and superfoods. Research backs up this trend: In a recent Packaged Facts pet owner survey, 71 percent of cat owners felt that high-quality foods are effective for preventive health care. Load up on creative recipes such as these.

Tiki Cat Born Carnivore
Tiki Pets

KEY FEATURES: Three luau-inspired chicken and fish recipes. With no processed plant proteins, and carbohydrate sources from whole peas and chickpeas.

SALES TIP: Your customers will be dancing the hula, when they discover the nutrient-rich superfoods like ground flaxseed, pumpkin and salmon oil., (866) 821-8562


Hasen Duckenpfeffer Food for Cats
Fromm Family Pet Food

KEY FEATURES: Part of the Four-Star Nutritionals line, this German-inspired meal pairs novel proteins rabbit and duck with potatoes, carrots, and celery.

SALES TIP: Break out the lederhosen for an Oktoberfest good time. More reasons to celebrate: Fromm recently expanded production and has added new canned recipes for both cats and dogs., (262) 242-2200


N&D Quinoa

KEY FEATURES: The N&D stands for “Natural and Delicious” and this line of food has five formulas to choose from: Digestion (lamb-based), Herring, Quail, Duck and Weight Management (lamb-based). Each variety is 92 percent protein.

SALES TIP: Chow, bella. These recipes feature superfood quinoa, a high-protein seed sourced from organic farms in Italy, Farmina’s native country., (888) 292-9965


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