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9 High-Tech Products for the Dogs (Or Cats)

Innovative products aim to improve lives of cats, dogs and their caregivers.




IN “FOUR PET INDUSTRY TRENDS to watch in 2018 and beyond,” market research firm Packaged Facts points to technology playing a bigger role in the development of new products. Especially products with goals of improving health, wellness and safety for our furry companions, and also products that help busy pet parents connect with and take better care of their animals. Fire up the smartphones, as many of these have companion apps that allow the user to connect and control remotely, allowing modern pet parents the ability to be present even when they aren’t physically at home.

Smarter Feeders

The next best thing to being there to scoop out the food is a “smart feeder” that can do it for you. The benefits of these feeders are many: enabling portion control, to help combat obesity and help keep those early rising dogs and cats satiated, as well as being able to remotely serve up dinner when you’re running late from the office.

Wagz Serve Smart

KEY FEATURES: Built-in replenishment system that detects low food levels. Can be programmed to reorder and remote controlled via smartphone.
SALES TIP: When loaded with Whello cartridges that snap directly into the feeder, it’s like a Keurig for dogs!, (833) 438-9249



Small Pet Feeder

KEY FEATURES: Holds up to 60 ounces of kibble. Owners can schedule feedings up to 12 times a day, as well as record voice messages calling out to “come and get it.”

SALES TIP: Cat owners can rely on it during overnight trips, for when a sitter isn’t available.




KEY FEATURES: Smartphone controlled, customizable meal times and portion sizes, low-food warnings, food delivery updates and more.

SALES TIP: Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Nest Cam, this will follow commands better than Fido., (310) 497-6865


Smarter Cat Parents

“Work smarter, not harder,” as the saying goes. These three products are geared toward making cat parents’ lives a little easier, and enabling them to be able to relax and enjoy time with their feline friends. We selected a solution for neutralizing litter box stink, the ultimate remote mouse toy and an on-demand water fountain.


KEY FEATURES: USB-rechargeable robotic mouse toy with interchangeable tail accessories, billed as the world’s first artificial intelligent mouse.

SALES TIP: Customers will like the two programming options: automatic or be in control via a smartphone or tablet.


Purr-ifier Litter Box Odor Control System

KEY FEATURES: Air filter and fan attach to the vent in enclosed litter boxes, neutralizing smells, and keeping down dust.

SALES TIP: Customers will keep coming back for replacement filters, which last about two months., (480) 659-7703


AquaPurr eC
Chalmers Innovations

KEY FEATURES: Motion-sensor-activated drinking fountain that connects to any faucet. Decorative printed wraps available.

SALES TIP: If your cat is fascinated by running water,
this is the product for you., (833) 278-2787



Smarter Dog Parents

Peace of mind, improving health and safety are the themes of these three products for dogs and their human caretakers. We also kept in mind a range of price points, because tech products shouldn’t necessarily mean expensive. Take a look at a low-cost speaker with some big selling points, an ultrasonic toothbrush and state-of-the-art tracker.

Mira-Pet Ultrasound Toothbrush

KEY FEATURES: A three-sided brush head, paired with ultrasound, produces a deep clean with one swipe.

SALES TIP: This toothbrush will save customers from higher vet bills down the road., (781) 975-3552


G.O.A.T Pet SpeakeR
G.O.A.T. Pet Products

KEY FEATURES: Pint-sized Bluetooth speaker in four designs to stream calming music or play a recorded voice to help pets with anxiety.

SALES TIP: Host a “talking dog” adoption event. Even use it to “tell” pet parents about their day., (586) 530-9333


DOTT The Smart Dog Tag

KEY FEATURES: Through the “Virtual Leash” app, users get alerts when pet is outside their range. Each user covers 9 acres. Expand reach by reporting the lost pet through the app, which sends notice to all area users.

SALES TIP: Can also track activity when on walks.




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