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9 Solutions to Solve Cat Scratch Fever



Consider these outlets for kitty’s claws.

Desperate cat parents will try (and buy) most any type of scratcher to keep their furniture intact and to provide a less destructive way for kitty to relieve stress, have some fun and keep her claws in prime condition. From simple corrugated cardboard to carpet, there are many styles of shapes, sizes and surfaces to fit a range of budgets and preferences. 

Post and beaming

Some finicky felines are picky about what they’ll sink their claws into, and so it’s a good idea to carry some different surface materials and textures, such as jute, seagrass, sisal and, of course, the ever-popular cardboard. Keeping variety in mind, here are a few affordable posts that will put a smile on customer faces.

Crackle Scratch

KEY FEATURES: Jute scratch post with a texture that feels just like the upholstery cats love so much.

SALES TIP: Your cat wins: He gets to think he’s scratching the couch. You win: It’s cheaper than having to buy new furniture., (800) WORLDWISE



Cat Craft Sea Grass Scratching Post
One Source International

KEY FEATURES: Stands 20 inches tall, with a hanging toy and spring toy on the base.

SALES TIP: Share that seagrass is durable and a renewable resource., (800) 228-7019


Kitty Power Paws Sphere

KEY FEATURES: Jute-wrapped sphere stands 13 inches tall, with a feather tassel. Mounted on a round base.


SALES TIP: Promote the unusual shape, with this classy ball offering maximum scratching surface area., (312) 243-3624


Posts with the Most

Who said scratchers had to be just a boring old post stuck in a base? Adding some toys to the scratching fun keeps kitty’s attention longer (and keeps her occupied so she won’t think about attacking the couch!). These new releases aim to spice it up with extra bells and whistles. Carry a few of these and let the cat-calling begin.

Petstages Scratch and Play Tower

KEY FEATURES: A sisal scratch tower with ball at the top, paired with a corrugated cardboard track and ball on the base that is infused with catnip.


SALES TIP: Point out that multiple ways to play keep kitty coming back for more., (800) 477-5735


SmartCat Ultimate Scratch ‘N Play
Pioneer Pet

KEY FEATURES: Sisal tower with toy box base. Stands 32 inches tall, with 16-inch square wooden base.

SALES TIP: Suggest hiding toys in the base to stimulate kitty’s hunting instincts., (866) 317-6278


Our Pets Twirl & Whirl
Our Pets

KEY FEATURES: An interactive toy that attaches to scratching posts and perches. An unpredictable spinning feather will keep kitty on her toes.

SALES TIP: Can be sold alongside your scratch post offerings., (800) 565-2695



Sometimes your customers want to move beyond the cardboard throw-aways. Here’s a sample of some products for feline aficionados who are more designed-focused, or for those looking for more of a statement scratcher. Pick one or two and make them the centerpiece of a display to draw them in like kitty to catnip.

EZ Mount Scratcher Kitty Sill Cradle
K&H Manufacturing

KEY FEATURES: Suction cups work on any window. Curved cardboard cradle for lounging and scratching. Comes with bag of catnip. Refill pads available.

SALES TIP: Hang one in a display window so your customers can see it in action., (877) 738-5188


Max Scratch
Primetime Petz

KEY FEATURES: Standing 29 inches tall for stretching, post is wrapped with jute and has a carpeted perch on top. Non-slip feet on bottom prevent sliding and protect floors. 

SALES TIP: Prove that, at 18 pounds, with a 19-inch base, this sturdy post won’t topple., (214) 257-8068


Zen Cat Scratcher
Refined Feline

KEY FEATURES: Modern Z-shape design, made from solid pine, with multiple perches and sisal scratching area.

SALES TIP: Display a carpet swatch with the scratch pad to show that it can swap out and add to the room’s decor., (800) 289-6136


This article originally appeared in the January 2018 edition of PETS+.




How to Make Your Advertising More Effective Over Time

Pet-business owners use lots of different methods for marketing and advertising, from direct mail to social media. But they often miss a crucial step, says marketing specialist Jim Ackerman. Very few businesses properly test and track their efforts. Jim explains that carefully monitoring your ads, and adjusting them accordingly, can dramatically improve your results.

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Fresh from Global: 6 More Latest Releases

PB and CBD!





Easy Squeezy and Smooth & Dreamy from ROWLEY’S GOOD STUFF combine CBD and peanut butter in two formulas. Pet parents can give Easy Squeezy during the day, with its 750mg of active, medical-grade CBD and natural honey working to relieve discomfort, pain or anxiety. Smooth & Dreamy adds to that organic skullcap for trouble sleeping and restlessness. Each 3.9-ounce tube comes with a bamboo key to get every last drop.


Home Sweet Home

Aquatic as well as terrestrial animal and plant species can live and thrive in the EXO TERRA Paludarium. The bottom has an extra-high glass front, providing a higher water level and increased water volume compared to common terrariums, which allows enthusiasts to keep aquatic animals and plants adjacent to the land section. A false bottom supporting the land section can accommodate and hide aquatic appliances and double as a biological filtration media.


Scaly Good Fun

Dogs and cats alike benefit from snuffle matts, as sniffing and digging engage the brain and body. With PETIQUE’s Fish Snuffle Mat, they move the colorful scales to find hidden treats and food. Bonus: The fabric produces barely any fuzz, remaining intact and safe even with strong diggers.



For Artistic Cats

Global attendees were buzzing about the new Yeowww!-ola Catnip Crayons from DUCKYWORLD PRODUCTS. The set of three colorful toys features durable cotton twill and comes filled with organically grown catnip. Putting together a back-to-school display later this summer? This fits right in.


For Indies Only

PETS GLOBAL introduces Essence, a line of wet and dry pet food for dogs and cats, sold exclusively through independent brick-and-mortar pet businesses. It contains 85 percent animal protein ingredients and comes in Ranch & Meadow (boar, goat, lamb and pork), Air & Game (guinea fowl, duck, turkey and chicken) and Ocean & Freshwater (herring, sardines, mackerel and salmon). Chia seed oil, coconut flour and pumpkin, as well as an exclusive vitamin pack produced in Europe by a human consumable vitamin plant, are on the ingredients list. Flax seed, alfalfa, potatoes, green and field peas, and sunflower oil are not.


Tug Toy or Toothbrush?

Dogs don’t like getting their teeth brushed, even when trained from an early age. Enter the Tug N Brush. When a dog bites down on the toy, its soft nubs gently massage gums, remove residue and freshen breath. When a pet parent tugs on the toy using its rope ends, it slides along tongue and teeth to further clean the mouth. Toothpaste, sold separately, easily applies and provides a treat on top of play.


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8 Products to Keep Cats and Dogs Secure in the Car

Car safety becomes a priority for pet parents.




A GROWING NUMBER OF states — New Jersey, Hawaii, Arizona, Connecticut and Maine, among others — have laws regulating the safety of people and their pets in transit. Even when it’s not mandatory, pet owners are catching on to the importance of safely transporting their animals and limiting driving distractions. Here are eight restraints and other accessories, some crash-tested and all pet-approved.

Buckle n’ Go

K&H Pet Products

KEY FEATURES: Mesh-sided safety seat keeps pet contained. Lead attaches to pet’s collar or harness and snaps into seat belt buckle. Comes in two sizes and two colors.

SALES TIP: One-year limited warranty can add to pet owners’ peace of mind., (877) 738-5188

$82.99 / $99.99

Impact Dog Car Harness


KEY FEATURES: Available in four sizes, for dogs 10-110 pounds. Crash tests conducted on small, medium and large dummies. Design features four adjustment points and padded chest plate.

SALES TIP: Show Kurgo’s 30-second video of their product crash tests and you’ll likely convert some skeptics., (877) 847-3868



Natural-Step Ramp


KEY FEATURES: Getting up and down steep surfaces can be tough on older dogs. This 7-foot long ramp features a wide surface, auto-locks in place and has fake grass for easy gripping.

SALES TIP: Ramp folds up for easy storage and weighs only 17 pounds., (610) 913-1906


Bergan Auto Harness

Coastal Pet Products

KEY FEATURES: Crash-tested, available in four adjustable sizes. Run seat belt through harness loops. D-ring connects to any leash for transition from car to walk.

SALES TIP: If the pet is involved in a crash, Coastal will replace the harness for free., (800) 321-0248


SHERPA Forma Frame Carriers


KEY FEATURES: Crash-tested carriers that use existing LATCH and car seat tether systems for three strong points of contact. Two sizes, for cats and small dogs.

SALES TIP: It’s multi-modal: Extra-small size is part of the Guaranteed On-Board program, a partnership with airlines to standardize pet carriers., (303) 623-3327

$149.99 / $199.99

Load Up Harness


KEY FEATURES: Built with strength-rated hardware and components that withstood rigorous crash testing. Attaches to existing seatbelts, allowing dog to sit or lie down.

SALES TIP: Restraining the dog in the back seat is the goal, while also maintaining comfort on roadtrips., (888) 783-3932



Sleepypod Atom


KEY FEATURES: Sleek, modern pet carrier doubles as a car seat and airplane travel carrier. For dogs and cats up to 12 pounds.

SALES TIP: Atom has many of the same design features as the Sleepypod Air, with a scaled down size and smaller price tag., (626) 421-6818


Drive Harness


KEY FEATURES: Crash-tested safety solution for dogs, featuring an EVA foam that conforms to the dog for a custom fit. Comes in three adjustable sizes.

SALES TIP: Point your customers to the website, which has detailed instructions and video tutorials for getting the perfect fit., (877) 3EZYDOG


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5 Items You’ll Want in Your Store

Give something for pet fathers this Father’s Day.




Happy Father’s Day

Offer your male customers a way to show off their pet parent status with the Puppy Daddy necklace by KATE HOLMES DESIGN. The hand-forged sterling silver tag — inspired by a skipping stone — hangs from a sterling silver bead chain, available in 16, 18 and 20 inches. A percentage of sales goes to animal rescue.


Pest Control

With warmer weather comes pests. The makers of FIRST SATURDAY LIME have harnessed the power of this all-natural repellant and made it insoluble, therefor safe for humans and pets alike. Use it to create a barrier around your business that keeps out insects and spiders. Available in 5- and 20-pound bags.

$14.99 and $29.99


Go Pro

PURA NATURALS now has a line for professional groomers: Pro-Coat Grooming. It features the same all-natural, eco-friendly ingredients as the consumer line, rinses quickly and doesn’t clog machines. Made in the U.S., products include shampoo, conditioner, drying spray and facial scrub.


Impulse Buy

Put out the LIPPYCLIP and just wait for “What is this?” followed by “Cool! I’ll take one.” This ingenious holder eliminates digging for lip balm in a bag, as it clips onto the outside, a keychain or a leash. Available in fun prints, including Boston Terrier, cats and rabbits. Made in the U.S. by women working from home.


Temp Control

For stores that breed their own birds and other small animals, BRINSEA offers the TLC Brooder. Both the Eco and Advance models control and display temperature, with the latter also showing humidity and featuring alarms. Its use creates a clean, warm environment for young, sick or injured animals.

$279.99 and $329.99

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