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9 Toys to Keep Your Feline Frisky

Products that will get kitty moving.




SPRING IS NEARLY here, and it’s time for us all to shake off the winter doldrums and get more active. Same goes for our feline friends. Whether your customers are looking for toys to get kitty off the couch or to satiate a wild chaser, we’ve selected nine new releases that will get those cat companions jumping, pouncing and chasing.


This one never gets old: the fishing rod/teaser wand, which enables the user to dangle an enticing toy just out of kitties’ reach, only to jerk it away when they go to pounce or jump for it. Here are a few fresh takes on this classic concept, across a range of price points.

Cat-bernet Cork Cat Toys
Ethical Products

KEY FEATURES: Wine-bottle cork themed toys come with feathers and a jingle bell for extra interaction.

SELLING TIP: Whether your customers prefer a “meow-low” or “purr-now grigio” their cats will be happy to bite, bat and chase these about., (800) 223-7768



Tassel Teaser
Mountain Pet Products

KEY FEATURES: Handmade in Massachusetts. All-natural hardwood wand toy with hemp line dyed with food-grade dye and interchangeable toy. Comes in two lengths (16 and 32 inches).

SELLING TIP: Affordable price point paired with eco-friendly components is a win-win for green-minded customers., (888) 873-0511


Neko Flies Ultimate Play Pack

KEY FEATURES: Made from lightweight, durable graphite with ergonomic handle, the Ultimate Rod has three adjustable lengths (17, 25 and 32 inches). The Play Pack comes with two attachments: a mouse and “birbug.” Designed to be an interchangeable system, the rod and flies are also sold as individual components, or as a complete set of all six flies.


SELLING TIP: Retail display and demo rods are available, to help reel in your customers., (866) 699-6356



When the owner’s away, the cat will play … at least that’s what most pet parents hope will happen during the workday. These toys will keep kitties on their toes, when their human family members aren’t there to entertain them. These fun toys spin, move, toss and turn, and will best sell when your customers can see them in action, whether it’s with a demo product or video.

Jackson Galaxy Gravity Tower

KEY FEATURES: A 360-degree, topsy-turvy cat toy that uses repelling magnets embedded in spinning horizontal dowels to create a magical bouncing and spinning motion.


SELLING TIP: Demonstrate that the weighted base will toss and turn but not tip over, which activates cats’ natural instinct to pounce and play., (877) PETMATE


Petlinks Rowdy Rustler

KEY FEATURES: Spinning toy that comes with a small tent.

SELLING TIP: Show your customers the three play options: 1. Use the spinning ball alone for a game of bat-and-chase; 2. Hide the toy under the tent for teasing hide-and-peek fun; and/or 3. Let the tent collapse and watch the rustling sounds bring out the hunting instinct., (800) WORLDWISE


Catit Play Bee

KEY FEATURES: Hollow round ball base contains a mini laser, attached to a toy bumble bee by a flexible wand. When the cat taps the bee, the toy spins and sends out laser beams.

SELLING TIP: Let your customers know about additional ways to play: The ball can be stuffed with kibble or treats, which drop out when it spins. The bee accessory can be swapped out for other characters, giving it some variety., (800) 353-3444



Who doesn’t love a good game of cat and mouse? This timeless combination gets a modern-day update, thanks to these interactive toys that inspire kitties to bat, swat, pounce and chase little mousy critters. Display these together for a playful way to “trap” your customers.

Hexbug Mouse

KEY FEATURES: Lifelike movement, can work around objects and flip back on its feet. Two different play modes: “paw” for docile kitties and “chase” for active felines. Available in white and gray.

SELLING TIP: Let your customers know that this toy comes to life with a swat of the paw and goes back to “sleep” when the playing is done, thanks to “smart toy” technology., (903) 453-0804


Mouse in Pouch
Our Pets

KEY FEATURES: Mouse toy with unpredictable movements, to stimulate kitty’s hunting instincts. Can be played with inside or outside the “pouch.”

SELLING TIP: Point out that Our Pets is going for the real thing with its patented RealMouse sound, which squeaks at the same frequency as a wild mouse., (800) 565-2695


Peek-a-Boo Mouse Interactive Cat Toy

KEY FEATURES: Mouse pops up, hides and changes direction in plastic toy with durable green felt topper. Powered by an electronic chip that creates random movement.

SELLING TIP: Show off the dual-speed settings and easy operation., (855) 300-7529




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