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9 Ways to Take Control of Your Aquascaping




AQUASCAPING IS THE kind of hobby that teaches patience while requiring triage-style attention. The water, the plants and the light all need an eye, all while you’re monitoring levels on filtration, carbon dioxide and algae growth. Help your aquascaping customers find the best balance of lighting, gasses and filtration with these plant-boosting nutrients, clarifying chemicals and tanks built for successful photosynthesis.


Aquascapers use tanks as a canvas where they can build living displays, whether they’re using saltwater or fresh. Coral-growing customers want sleek, rimless tanks for a 360-degree view, and lake replicators are seeking deep tanks for a more intimate look at nature in the round. Fill them with substrates and samples, so aquascapers can start vision-boarding their next creation.

Evo Saltwater Kits2

Evo Saltwater Kits
Fluval Aquatics

KEY FEATURES: A desktop-friendly kit with super bright LEDs, setting up optimal conditions for healthy saltwater gardens.

SALES TIP: This hobbyist version helps early aquaculturists explore coral, color and conditioning at a more affordable entry point., (800) 353-3444


$149.99 13.5 gallon

Brio 1
Brio Aquaponics

KEY FEATURES: Designed by Robin Plante, this tank includes grow lights, dual timers and filtration.

SALES TIP: Push the symbiosis of the aquatic and terrestrial worlds: The plants in the garden feed on the fish waste, which filters the water naturally., (438) 700-0567


Rimless Midsize Flat Panel
JBJ Aquarium Products

KEY FEATURES: Infinity tank features the Orion SL LED system, which works for fresh- and saltwater aquascaping.


SALES TIP: Takes up a small footprint, meant for desktops, countertops and bookshelves., (877) 374-9981

$1,005 and up


When it comes to algae blooms and green water, the struggle is real. It can be tricky to keep water clear. To keep your customers’ underwater gardens healthy, stock clarifiers to eradicate algae blooms, and filters to weed out cloudy pollutants like ammonia.

UltraKlear Clarifier
Ultraklear UV Clarifier

KEY FEATURES: This clarifier, available in three sizes, uses an internal swirl sleeve and narrow contact chamber to effectively clear unwanted algae blooms.

SALES TIP: The science behind this one is the increased contact time between the algae and ultraviolet light.

Advertisement, (866) 877-6637

$189.98 and up

Aqueon Filter Cartridges
QuietFlow Specialty Filter Pads

KEY FEATURES: For Aqueon hang-on-back units, filters cut ammonia, pollutants, excess waste, food and organic debris from the tank.

SALES TIP: Have especially murky water? This mechanical filtration should solve it., (888) 255-4527

$6.99 – $8.99

Chemi Pure Green
Chemi-Pure Green
Boyd Enterprises

KEY FEATURES: For freshwater planted aquariums, this filtration product reduces organics, tannins, odors and toxins while maintaining essential nutrients.

SALES TIP: This water cleaner boosts the health and stability of a tank and clarifies the water for deeper light penetration., (855) 655-2100

$13.95 – $22.95


Aquatic plants chew through fertilizers because they have intense nutrient requirements, and because they don’t get the same byproducts as tanks filled with fish. Encourage your aquascaping customers to keep their tanks juiced. Stock liquids and tabs that boost nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, and those that promote plant growth, color and photosynthesis.

Kent Marine Purple Tech
Purple Tech
Kent Marine

KEY FEATURES: This burst of calcium, magnesium, strontium, trace minerals and carbonates stokes growth in purple coralline algae and stony corals.

SALES TIP: Adding purple to rocks really makes them pop. For those who want to improve their green calcareous macro-algae., (800) 255-4527


NPK Booster
Dennerle (Distributed by JBJ Aquarium Products)

KEY FEATURES: This macro-fertilizer for aquascaping aquariums adds nitrate, phosphate and potassium in biologically balanced proportions.

SALES TIP: This nutrient booster creates lush plant growth in tanks with low fish levels., (877) 374-9981


green brighty
Green Brighty Liquid Fertilizers
Aqua Design Amano (Distributed by Aqua Forest Aquarium)

KEY FEATURES: Fertilizers and mineral formulas for tank setup, followed by iron supplements for the long term.

SALES TIP: The series has a new look in tall slim bottles for a slick shelf display., (415) 929-8883

$11 each



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