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A Pet with Paws Launches New Denim Collection




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK – Best known for their chic and environmentally conscious pet carrier and accessory line, A Pet with Paws announces the launch of their new Denim Collection. Products available in the denim line include two carriers, a training bag and a poop bag pouch.

Denim will forever be a big part of our wardrobes and that’s not changing much for 2018. There is an abundance of wearable denim trends flooding the fashion world this year, from baggy jeans to embellished denim, men’s hats on men and laced up boots.  It’s safe to say denim will always be in style due to its versatile, global appeal, durable, seasonless and easy to wear fabric.

“Denim is the most universal fabric. It cuts through all demographic barriers and ages and is worn by babies to seniors.  Chic people wear jeans with jewelry, a designer jacket and a nice handbag, and workmen wear jeans with hardhats,” states Ann Greenberg, Designer and Founder of A Pet With Paws.

A Pet with Paws is excited to incorporate this iconic fabric into their fashionable and sustainable pet carriers and accessory line. The new denim products will be available as a smart Poop Bag Pouch, Training Bag, Quilted Denim Carrier and Dark Denim Carrier with vegan leather trim that resembles a handbag. The carriers will also work with their patent pending, four spinner, wheel Pet-Trek enabling pet parents to travel effortlessly and in style with the pets. 

All of A Pet with Paws products merge chic contemporary and functional design with thoughtful, eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials, filling the void of sophisticated and stylish pet products that are also safe and comfortable for the pet. Plus, the added bonus of being vegan contributes to preserving the environment and gives pet owners the opportunity to promote a more sustainable lifestyle.




NASC Media Spotlight

At first it was just an idea: Animal supplements needed the same quality control that human-grade supplements receive. But that was enough to start a movement and an organization —the National Animal Supplement Council — that would be dedicated to establishing a comprehensive path forward for the animal supplements industry. In this Media Spotlight interview, NASC’s president, Bill Bookout, talks to PETS+ interviewer Chloe DiVita about the industry today: Where it’s headed, what’s the latest focus and why it’s vital to gain the involvement of independent pet product retailers.

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