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Add These SuperZoo Tasks to Your List, Plus More To-Do’s for August and September

We’ll help you prep for the trade show, whether you’re attending or not.





Jul. 31-Aug. 6

BUYING By the end of this week, only 17 days will remain before the start of SuperZoo in Las Vegas. If this is your first trade show, or your umpteenth, check out our Feb-Mar 2020 issue at It’s an oldie but a goodie, packed with tons of timeless tips.

And here’s a new one: Bring a digital business card with you like the one Nancy Guinn of Dog Krazy in Virginia carries. With it, she can simply tap a new contact’s phone to upload her business information via NFC technology, or they can scan the QR code on the back. The card also saves trees and money, as you will no longer need to order paper cards when you run out or your info changes, the latter as you can update it online at any time.

RECRUITING With groomers being an in-demand hire, consider following the lead of Lovable Pets in Billings, MT. Owner Ellie Hansen and head groomer Rae Traver give talks at the local women’s prison about the availability of careers in the pet industry. Look into what such outreach involves in your area.


Aug. 7-13

FINANCIALS You may be underpricing a proven seller compared to your competition. ”Fast-sellers, in particular, need to be fully priced,” says the Edge Academy’s David Brown. This week, spend time researching what prices your best-selling products and services are going for at nearby businesses to make sure you are realizing their full potential.

Aug. 14-20

ONBOARDING Review your training checklist for new hires, adding detail even if it seems obvious. Andy Wiltz of Woof’s Play & Stay in Merriam, KS, says, “Some tasks seem overly simple, like how to scoop poop and wash the scooper. You might think it seems condescending to break it down, but the team appreciates it, and it gives them a sense of accomplishment knowing they are working through the task list pretty easily.”

Aug. 21-27

BUYING If you’re not attending SuperZoo this year, you can still discover new — or new to you — products. Follow PETS+ at and/or join our private group at Editor-in-chief Pamela Mitchell will be posting pics and videos throughout the show, Aug. 23-25.

Aug. 28-Sep. 3

HOLIDAY PREP Ease customers into holiday content in your emails. Constant Contact suggests running 20% in September, 30% in October and 50% in November.


Sep. 4-11

MANAGEMENT Make a commitment in September to really listen to your staff interact with customers and clients. Keep an ear out for the questions they ask, product-knowledge statements, and their “tests” to ease the closing of a sale. Follow up with team or individual training as needed.

MERCHANDISING College football is underway, and the NFL starts this week. Create a display featuring jerseys for local teams, sports-related toys and snacks for the pets who will be cheering on their favorite players couchside with their people.

Sep. 12-18

MARKETING Add a “What’s New!” area to your website ahead of shipments of SuperZoo orders. Post the content there and on your social media, and blast it out to your email list. Get your customers excited about all the cool new stuff you’re bringing in.

Sep. 19-25

TRAINING Work on greetings with new AND old staff. Your welcome creates the base for the entire sales transaction. Keep it low-key and friendly, and try to avoid anything that elicits a conditioned or reflexive response, especially the dreaded “No, thanks. I’m just looking.”

Sep. 26-Oct. 2

MARKETING Brainstorm your digital and social media approaches to Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Yes, it’s a congested field, but they are also proven needle-movers.




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