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Air Filtration Masks for Dogs and Other Business-Boosting Products for October and November

Bring the grass back to life.




BarkYard BadSpot

For Real Grass

Have canine customers been hard on grass adjacent to your business? Bring it back to life with The BARKYARD Kit. It comes with Good Boy, a mix of seed, soil improvers and fertilizer to thicken and green the grass. It also comes with Bad Spot, a ground-fixing blend of seed, fertilizer and growing material.


Ticktime timer

Tick Tock

Do you time yourself for certain tasks, to stay on track and boost productivity? If so, check out TICKTIME. This sleek, small device allows you to set a timer simply by flipping it to one of six sides with preset times. When time is up, the LED display flashes and/or beeps. You can also manually set the device.



K9 masks

Much-Needed Masks

The K9 Mask fits the shape of a dog’s muzzle, comes in four sizes with adjustable straps and in five colors, and uses a replaceable N95 air filter. It also has a valve that releases air as pups pant, helping to keep them cooler. If your services include walking dogs in areas prone to wildfire smoke and other harmful contaminants, consider keeping these masks from THE GOOD AIR TEAM on hand. And also stocking them for sale!

$59-$69 (with three filters)

Pet Disease Alert Lepto Text Email Example

Outbreak Alerts

Infectious disease can spread quickly among canines in a community. To make care providers aware of local outbreaks, the COMPANION ANIMAL PARASITE COUNCIL launched the nonprofit Pet Disease Alerts. The free subscription service currently tracks cases of leptospirosis and will add alerts for other bacterial and viral diseases, including canine influenza, this year.

Donation: $5 annually

Doggie Language book

Fluent in Dog

LILI CHIN’s illustrations of dog body language can be found in veterinary clinics and art museums alike, helping to convey how pups speak to us through a tail wag, lifted paw or other means. Make her new book, “Doggie Language: A Dog Lover’s Guide to Understanding Your Best Friend,” a part of your staff training. With more than 60 adorable illos, it also makes the perfect gift offering to customers.




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Reduce Your Pet’s Hip & Joint Discomfort with the Most Researched Hyaluronan on the Market

Nearly 60% of dogs and 90% of cats suffer from joint discomfort. Trixsyn joint supplement contains a patented and proven hyaluronic acid molecule for maximum efficacy to promote joint, bone, soft tissue, and cartilage health, keeping your pet feeling comfortable, for longer. Trixsyn is veterinarian recommended, safe and all-natural, and contains research-proven ingredients. Get your paws on the most-researched hyaluronic acid on the market. Learn more at

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