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All About CBD

These pages are packed with advice and recommendations on buying and selling pet products in the hemp category.




Pamela Mitchell

HEMP CBD? I’M all about it. For my dog, Ty. For me. For the countless friends and family members to whom I have recommended hemp CBD for a variety of reasons.

Every morning and night, I give my sweet pup a mushroom-hemp CBD chew to support a healthy inflammatory response and normal cellular health. Ty had several mast cell tumors removed last year, and the chews — along with a raw keto diet — are part of the plan to keep him cancer free.

The CBD also helps Ty remain calm around other dogs. He came to me at age 5 with aggression and reactivity issues, and positive behavioral training has made a world of difference. The chews simply take the edge off so we can more easily put into practice what our trainer has taught us. Also, they keep Ty from sleeping on my head when it thunders.

So, yes. I am all about hemp CBD and its many uses. When it came time to put together this special issue, I was excited to learn more from the experts and indies who lead the industry in this product category.

I hope you’ll get as much as I did out of the interviews with Bill Bookout, president of the National Animal Supplement Council, and with manufacturers who only want to create the best products and help you sell them.

And I know you’ll appreciate the contributions by our amazing PETS+ Brain Squad members. Eleven of you contributed to the CBD Brands Indies Love feature. Johnna Devereaux of Fetch RI wrote about using legally safe language when recommending hemp CBD products. Nancy Guinn of Dog Krazy contributed the Real Deal about employee theft of hemp CBD products. And Jamee Yocum-Pittman of this issue’s America’s Coolest Stores honorable mention BARK shared how she has created her own store brand of hemp CBD products.


If you are not yet a member of the PETS+ Brain Squad, please join us at and contribute to a future issue. We can’t publish this magazine without you!

Five Great Tips From This Issue That You Can Do Today

  1. Before July 4, put together a display of products that lessen the noisy horror of fireworks. Include CBD products, of course. (Calendar, page 10)
  2. If you don’t have a plan to protect SPI, or sensitive personal information, get one ASAP. (To-Do List, page 11)
  3. Wear a scuba suit to a business networking event. No? How about just bring your pet? (Tip Sheet, page 42)
  4. Create recurring revenue through one of three types of membership models. (Candace D’Agnolo, page 44)
  5. Turn your staff into advocates to boost sales and create loyal customers. (Shawna Schuh, page 45)



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