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Almost Three-Quarters of Pet Pros Wish Customers a Merry Christmas

‘I’ve never had a negative reaction.’





77%: Yes

  • If I’m corrected, I’m happy to say happy/merry whatever. I’m happy to accommodate others’ preferences once I understand what they are. I think other people realize that I’m simply speaking from my own experience. I think when people see your smile and pick up on your sincerity, they feel the sentiment more than they parse the words. Melissa McCutcheon, Buddy’s Boutique and St. Hubert’s, Madison, NJ
  • We don’t limit ourselves to “Merry Christmas.” We say “Happy holidays” too. We honor holidays celebrated by many religions throughout the year. Jane Bond, Eco Dog Care, Los Angeles, CA
  • I have never had a person upset with me for saying “Merry Christmas.” I have had some say “Happy Hanukkah” back to me, and I smile and say, “Happy Hanukkah to you too!” Keep in mind the people I am saying “Merry Christmas” to are normally in my store buying Christmas items. Nancy Guinn, Dog Krazy, four locations in Virginia
  • I’ve never had a negative reaction. While I do say “Merry Christmas,” I also typically say “Have a good holiday” or “Have a good day.” I try to be conscious of other faiths and beliefs. Michell Maskaly, Platinum Horse Media, Lake George, NY
  • It is received fine. I don’t think it bothers people as much as it is advertised in the media. I don’t get offended if someone says “Happy holidays” to me. Meagan Giarratano, Au Pair for Paws: Dog Training, Fire Island, NY
  • I’m a Christian who celebrates Christmas, so that’s what I say. My team is welcome to say whatever they feel comfortable saying. When a customer isn’t celebrating Christmas they usually reply with whatever their saying is for their religious holidays and I’m 1,000 percent with that and appreciate the diversity! We sell products for different religious holidays. It’s never awkward. Sherry Shupe, Fur Baby, Milford, DE
  • “Happy holidays” to a customer or stranger. “Merry Christmas” on Christmas Day. Melanie Hayes, Space Coast Pet Services, Rockledge, FL
  • Just once was I corrected by a family that celebrates Hanukkah. No one seemed offended. Paul Lewis, Birds Unlimited, Webster, NY

23%: No

  • “Happy holidays!” Only “Merry Christmas” if we know the person celebrates it. Jane Donley, Dog Beach Dog Wash, San Diego, CA
  • Typically I say “Happy holidays.” Carmen Alcalde, bad dog frida, Madison, WI
  • “Happy howlidays!” Cute, not awkward. Stacey Kimberley Rogers, Club Canine Dog Wash, Portsmouth, NH

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