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American Pet Professionals Welcomes New Members

Record numbers of pet businesses join American Pet Professionals in 2018.




(PRESS RELEASE) BABYLON, NY – A record number of new members have joined American Pet Professionals since early 2018 and have continued to do so throughout the year. New members represent startups in the pet technology and pet app space as well as many new pet product manufacturers, financial services for pet businesses, pet sitters, pet media and pet organizations. Since its inception in 2009, American Pet Professionals has always allowed pet professionals from all areas of the industry to join.

“Our organization has grown tremendously this year, with so many new types and categories of members in the pet industry from all around the country. I absolutely love seeing what our members have created as a businesses and animal educational organizations alike. I am thrilled to announce our new members and encourage everyone to visit their websites on our Membership Directory and learn more about what they do,” said Nancy Hassel, president and founder of American Pet Professionals. “I am excited to welcome each new member, help them with their business goals, referrals, connections, questions and look forward to working with them in 2019!”

New members include:

Pet Technology and Pet App Companies:

  • Jason Hanny of the Pet Connect App, which is a free pet owner app that connects them with pet businesses making it easier to find the resources they need. And it gives pet businesses a way to meaningfully engage current and new clients with easy-to-use targeted marketing, custom-built profiles and more. Jason is based in Arlington, VA, and is VIP member.
  • Siva Marimuthu of RV PetSafety, which is a pet technology and app based product that monitors the pet’s environment and temperature and alerts you when they are in danger. Created for people that travel with their pets in RV’s and cars. Based in Palo Alto, CA and are VIP Members.
  • Casey Isaacson of DigDates, the Dog Person’s Dating app that launched in February of this year and helps connect dog people based on what’s most important to them when it comes to dating. It was built by sisters, Casey and Leigh Isaacson who are based in New York, NY and New Orleans, LA.
  • William Loopesko of PuppTech, which is brand new pet product that detects the temperature and humidity, has a built in microphone, GPS, wireless connectivity and will alert pet parents by text via the app on their smartphone if their pet is in danger. The device can be used in car, boat cabin, anywhere you’re traveling with your pet and even provides a safety feature showing passers by that the pet is safe. Pupptech is based in Denver, Colorado.
  • Lars Rissman of the Groomit App, which is an app that pet parents can get pet grooming on demand with certified pet groomers at the time they request and in their own home. Currently servicing New York City, northern New Jersey, Westchester, Connecticut and San Diego. Groomit is based in New York, NY.
  • Lowell Kaufman of Well Informed Pet app, which is a pet app revolutionizing the pet health industry by offering easy access to a pet’s health information. Based in New York, NY.

Pet Product Manufacturers:

  • Gay Jensen, owner of Golden Wellness Dogs, which makes turmeric products for dogs, which help prevent, join inflammation and provides healthy immune support. Gay is a VIP Member based in Manchester Center, Vermont.
  • Immacula Pierre, CEO of Iconic Paws which is a pet product manufacturing company that offers natural and healthy treats and supplements for dogs. VIP Member based in Woodbridge, VA.
  • Jim Umlauf and Brian Devening of 4KNines who make premium car seat covers built by dog owners for dog owners. Engineered to out perform and outlast other covers on the market. 4KNines donates a percentage of each sale to animal advocacy groups. VIP Members and based in Oklahoma, OK.
  • Zsolt Sapy, COOof Smoke Alarm Monitoring an affordable, wireless solution to monitor your family and pets and property in the event of a fire. Keeping your pets safe even when you are not home! Visit their website to see how this incredible technology works. Zsolt is a VIP Member and based in NY.
  • Zel Crampton the CEO and founder of Diggs which just launched a brand new line of pet products including the ‘best crate ever’ raising the standard of living for dogs everywhere. Based in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Gretchen Mannix of South Fork Pets who make handmade dog treats, with healthy, wholesome and all-natural ingredients that are locally sourced in the Hamptons, NY.
  • Shane Whelan of Pet Containment Systems and PetFenceology, which is a proposal and automation software designed to help pet fence companies grow and harmonize they way they do business. VIP Member based in Milford, MI.
  • Sherri Davis, CPO of Amuse Pooch, wholesome, artisan dog treats made with single ingredients. Made in the USA and based in New York, NY.
  • Michael Caruso of Raptor Shield, which is a armor like vest for dogs to protect against birds of prey picking attacking and picking up a small dog. It is the only product on the market to protect dogs from hawks, raptors and other birds of prey. Based in River Grove, IL.

Veterinarian/Pet Medical Supply:

  • Stella Kim Founder and CFO of MixLabRX, which is a compounding lab that works with pet owner’s veterinarians to make personalized pet meds for their pets. Based in New York, NY.

Pet Retail/Ecommerce:

  • Corey Abramowitz, Founder of BarkYours which is the online destination to by and sell unique and beautiful dog-themed gifts and crafts online. BarkYours just launched this year. Corey is based in New York, NY.
  • Marshall Morris COO of iHeartDogs that is a manufacturer and online distributor of products for pets and the people that love them. They partner with their customers (1 million to date) on every product to make a big impact in shelters. With that support they have provided 10 million meals to shelters, 100,000 toys and much more. Based in Anaheim, California.


  • Lauren Collier of Lauren’s Crazy Pet Show, a media company that travels covering pet news and showcasing pet businesses, animal rescues, pet events and much more. Lauren was a TV anchor for many years on News 12 Connecticut. She is based in Shelton, CT.

Pet Health:

  • Arden Moore of Pet First Aid for You a Pet Health and Safety teaching pet parents and professionals about pet health, safety, first aid, CPR and more. Arden also hosts the popular pet podcast Oh Behave! Arden is based in Houston, Texas.
  • Anastasia Kvyatkovskaya Founder of DogHauz. Anastasia is a K9 Fitness Coach and Nutritionist offering canine wellness coaching for pets using dog training and exercise, healthy eating made at home and much more! Anastasia is based in New York, NY.
  • Lindsey Campbell, Co-Founder and VP of TEEF! Daily Dog Dental Care. TEFF is a plant based prebiotic that outsmarts the bacteria in your dog’s mouth – including the bad bacteria that forms plaque, creates gum disease and attacks teeth. TEEF! uses nontoxic nutrients that wash over their teeth and gums every time they drink their water, creating a healthy and fresher-smelling mouth. Product launching in Q1 in 2019. Based in Minneapolis, MN.

Graphic & Website Design:

  • Kaila Piepkowof Dox Design is a design and development studio that focuses on creating compelling designs for pet-friendly and pet-focused businesses. VIP Member based in Grand Rapids, MI.

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking/Boarding:

  • Liz Freitag Owner of Peninsula Pups Doggie Daycare, the leader in the market of dog daycare for Erie’s canine community. We provide a safe and stimulating environment in which dogs can socialize, exercise and just be dogs in their natural state as a pack. They offer many services and pet products at their location based in Erie, PA.
  • Heather Curatolo of Paws on Pine a five star rated dog walking, pet sitting and concierge servicing lower Manhattan, NY.
  • Florence Dixon Owner of In Home Pet Services of Westhampton Beach that offers pet sitting, dog walking and pet care services. Based in Westhampton Beach, NY.

Pet Event Organizers:

  • Leslie Kennedy, Director of Barking Beauty Pageant– that organizes and hosts one-of-a-kind competition for dogs, and beauty pageants that benefit animal charities & civic organizations. Founded 2006. Leslie is based in Westhampton Beach, NY.
  • Sonali Nigam of PetMinded Co., a pawfriendly concierge business offering pet parents services, pet education and pet-friendly events based in New York, NY.

Pet Friendly Organizations:

  • Beth Miller, Founder & CEO and Tom Everhart, CPO of WagTown. Wagtown sets responsible and genuine standards for the term, “dog friendly.” Our mission is to lead the movement to create a Wagtown® community for everyone. To do this, we advocate for dog-friendliness through research, consulting, leveraging big data, education, marketing, and empowerment. Based in Centerville, Ohio.

Financial Service Companies:

  • Steven Cron and Loren Shuman of Benchmark Payment Networks which provides electronic payments to merchants in all 50 states and many countries. They offer a comprehensive suite of products and services. Tailing credit card processing programs for the special business needs of financial institutions, independent sales organizations and agents and now also helping pet businesses. VIP Members based in Cold Spring Harbor, NY.
  • Jeri Ann Cook, Founder of Sunstone Bookkeeping a bookkeeping company that focuses on the finances for pet businesses so they can focus on their passion, taking care of animals. Based in Stratford, CT.

Non-Profit Organizations:

  • Sass Levine, Founder and Executive Director of DogAbility Center. DogAbilityCenter’s mission is to provide innovative canine-assisted experiences, using certified therapy dogs with skilled handlers, that afford comfort, inspiration, socialization, education and recreation to better the lives of people of all abilities in the community. Based in Syosset, NY.

In 2018, American Pet Professionals offered many new membership benefits to members, including free live learning events monthly on Facebook; accessible downloadable content; hosted events in various locations in the country; and information for pet professionals at every level to help their businesses, animal rescues or non-profit organizations. “In 2019 we have even more new membership benefits to be added, which we cannot wait to announce in the New Year,” said Nancy Hassel.

Membership dues are annual, with different levels to choose from for non-profit animal rescue and organizations, solo-entrepreneurs, and corporate businesses. Membership dues are increasing in 2019, so anyone interested in joining and becoming a membership should do so before Jan. 1.

For more information, go to To contact Nancy Hassel, call (631) 446-1105 or email




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Boss Pet / Petedge Launch Nutritional Supplements for Pets

They are veterinarian-formulated, condition-specific, natural health supplements for cats and dogs.




(PRESS RELEASE) Boss Pet Products, dba PetEdge, a supplier of wholesale pet products and grooming supplies, has responded to a rapidly growing market demand for natural nutritional supplements for pets by introducing a new line of veterinarian-formulated, condition-specific, natural health supplements for cats and dogs in the form of tasty soft chews. New Total Pet Health supplements provide scientifically balanced nutritional support for improved health, vibrancy and quality of life.

Each Total Pet Health formula addresses the unique nutritional needs of pets. The all-natural supplements are NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) compliant, made in the USA and contain no wheat, corn, colors, dyes, artificial ingredients or chemical preservatives. The line offers premium-quality nutritional support for hip and joint, pre- and probiotic digestive support, stress and behavior support, skin and coat support and a full-spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement for overall health and wellness.

Podcast: Talking Cybersecurity, and Keeping Your Pet Business Safe Online
Behind the Pages

Podcast: Talking Cybersecurity, and Keeping Your Pet Business Safe Online

Podcast: Travel Deals for the Pet Pro on the Latest “Behind the Pages”
Behind the Pages

Podcast: Travel Deals for the Pet Pro on the Latest “Behind the Pages”

Podcast: Meet the Pet Product Entrepreneur Who Turned Down Shark Tank’s Investors
Behind the Pages

Podcast: Meet the Pet Product Entrepreneur Who Turned Down Shark Tank’s Investors

“Pets are living longer, which is not only driving rising veterinary costs, it is also increasing the demand for effective, nutritional supplementation,” said Chris Miller, president, Boss Pet / PetEdge. “Pet owners not only want to proactively promote health and wellness at every stage of their pets’ lives, they also want to treat specific conditions and provide greater comfort and mobility for aging pets. Total Pet Health addresses all of those needs with a complete line of natural, effective, life-enhancing of solutions.”

Total Pet Health supplements have been developed by veterinarians using only naturally sourced ingredients. Each formulation is scientifically balanced for optimal effectiveness and every weight-based dose is easily delivered in the form of a flavorful soft chew. “The fact that pets enjoy the flavor and texture of the soft chews promotes a positive dosing experience for pets and pet owners,” said John McGlynn VP marketing, PetEdge, “With Total Pet Health supplements, there is no need to deal with, or try to camouflage, hard tablets, messy powders and odorous oils. Pets happily eat the soft chews and receive the full benefit of perfectly balanced nutrition. Pet owners get the highest value for their money and healthier, happier pets.”

The complete line of Total Pet Health supplements includes:

  • Joint Support — the most commonly purchased, condition-specific pet supplement — is available in regular and PLUS strength for dogs and a formula for cats — contains highly-effective, balanced ingredients such as glucosamine HCL, MSM, chondroitin sulfate and vitamin C to ease stiffness and pain and support synovial fluid, cartilage and connective tissues. The supplement is available in a protein-free formula with hyaluronic acid for dogs of all ages and breeds — which is especially ideal for protein sensitive dogs. The Joint Support PLUS formula is designed for competitive dogs, working breeds and senior dogs with mobility issues. “Our Total Pet Health supplements contain a higher concentration of the essential active ingredients plus the highly-effective Perna Canaliculus — a New Zealand green-lipped mussel and natural whole food source of joint support nutrients, amino acids and omega fatty acids,” Chris Miller explained, “Unlike the perna extract used in other hip and join products, which lack important fatty acids and other bioactive components, Total Pet Health uses the entire organism as a whole food source for maximum benefit.” The PLUS formula also contains manganese (Mn proteinate), an important trace mineral. Joint Support for cats contains the same highly effective ingredients as the PLUS formula for dogs in balanced dosing for cats.
  • Digestive Support supplements have recently joined Joint Support as the most commonly purchased condition-specific supplement type among dog owners with expected continued growth. Total Pet Health uses a specialized formula of beneficial pre-and probiotics to support a healthy digestive tract and immune system, promote healthy gut flora, digestive health and regularity and increase healthy enzyme levels to aid in nutrient absorption and utilization. The formulations guarantee 100 million CFU/grams of Bacilis coagulans and 200 mg of FOS — a prebiotic to feed the healthy microflora in the GI tract. These shelf-stable supplements do not require refrigeration and are available in dog and cat formulas.
  • Stress and Behavior Support is an exclusive, non-sedating formula which calms pets without affecting the pet’s personality or energy level. Specifically developed for pets that are exposed to environmental stressors, or pets with a nervous disposition, it helps reduce anxiety caused by separation, boarding, fireworks, thunderstorms, moving, traveling, crowds and trips to the vet or groomer. Formulas for cats or dogs contain thiamine (vitamin B1), L-tryptophan, lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) powder and green tea (Camellia sinensis) extract (yielding L-theanine). It can be used to address specific environmental stressors or as a daily supplement. Dosing can be doubled if needed.
  • Skin and Coat Support for dogs promotes healthy skin, shiny coat and normal shedding. The formula helps to calm dry, itchy, flaky skin and soothe irritation and inflammation caused by allergies and seborrheic dermatitis. It is also ideal for enhancing the coats of competitive and show dogs. The chews contain omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, flaxseed oil, safflower oil, salmon oil, vitamin E, crude protein, crude fat and crude fiber.
  • Daily Multivitamin for dogs provides balanced, full-spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplementation plus amino acids, essential fatty acids, fish oil omegas and B complex vitamins. It contains antioxidants to fight free radical damage and support the immune system as well as EPA and DHA to promote healthy skin, coat and brain function. This protein-free formula is also ideal for pets with protein sensitivities.,

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Nulo Barkitecture Austin Showcases Custom Doghouses to Benefit Animal Rescue

All doghouses are sold via silent auction.




(PRESS RELEASE) Nulo Barkitecture Austin, celebrating its 15th year, will host a one-of-a-kind custom doghouse show and auction on Oct. 27, sponsored by the Austin pet food company, Nulo.

Nulo Barkitecture Austin raises funds for select animal advocacy/welfare groups. The event is free, open to the public and showcases an amazingly curated collection of canine cribs from some of the city’s most renowned architects, builders and interior designers.

Photo of Adorable Service Dogs in Theater Gets Viral Attention (VIDEO)

Photo of Adorable Service Dogs in Theater Gets Viral Attention (VIDEO)

Video: Help Customers Understand What Makes Your Pet Business Unique
Jim Ackerman

Video: Help Customers Understand What Makes Your Pet Business Unique

Video: Principles Learned While Traveling That You Can Apply to Your Pet Business

Video: Principles Learned While Traveling That You Can Apply to Your Pet Business

Some of this year’s participating Barkitects include Newcastle Homes, Studio Momentum, Big D Design, Jauregui Architect-Builder, Pfluger Architects, STG Design, StudioSIX5, Rogers O’Brien Construction, Cedar Ridge High School Design Studio, JE Dunn Construction, Studio8 Architects, S. Watts Group, Gensler, LEVY Architects, CG& S Design-Build, H+UO Architects, Meredith Owen Interiors, NatCo Woodworks, Black Sheep Unique, Tim Cuppett Architects, RisherMartin Fine Homes, Laura Britt Design, Accomplice, LaRue Architects, Elev8 Builders, STUDIOGEE Architecture, Balfour Beatty Construction, Ion Art, Ryan Companies, Driftwood General Contractors, CasaBella Architects, HEWN and Webber + Studio Architects.

A panel of esteemed celebrity judges including architect Jamie Chioco, blogger Camille Styles, Austin Home editor Madeline Hollern, Good Day Austin weekend anchor Tania Ortega, Studio 512 hosts Rosie Newberry and Stephanie Gerry will select winners in several categories while guests vote for their favorite.

All doghouses are sold via silent auction to raise funds this year’s three beneficiaries: Safe in Austin, Lone Star Doberman Rescue and Austin Pets Alive! The barkitect whose house receives the highest bid will also get to choose a beneficiary to receive the Subaru Loves Pets Award presented by Austin Subaru.

Attendees can learn about adoption/animal advocacy opportunities, shop local vendor booths, and check out the The Dogstume contest presented by Raising Cane’s, where “paw-ticipants” dressed as everything from celebrities to snacks (hot dogs anyone?) compete to win fun prizes. There will also be a BarkLounge, fur-nished by FOUR HANDS HOME, for relaxing with furry friends and fine folks over adult beverages and local fare from choice food trucks. Pet portraits will also be available from S. Robertson Pet Photography, with proceeds being donated to the event beneficiaries. Additional sponsors include Patten Title and Daltile.

Just before the main event, Nulo Barkitecture Austin will host its Preview Party on Oct. 24. The evening will allow guests a sneak peak of 3-4 of this year’s custom doghouses in a swanky setting with craft brews and cocktails by Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Topo Chico USA, tasty bites from Tacodeli and pet portraits by Zilker Bark. Tickets for the Preview Party are available on Eventbrite starting at $30. Both events include excellent silent auctions, featuring all kinds of fun items including tickets to college and professional sports games, workshops with award winning photographers, songwriting sessions with Grammy Award-winning artists, relaxing retreats and golf packages at some of Texas’ most prestigious courses.

Check out the online auction at:

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Press Releases

Gold Paw Series Launches the Portland Pullover — Redux

It features extra weather protection while maintaining superior comfort and support for pets.




(PRESS RELEASE) Gold Paw Series, a family-owned dogwear company, has introduced its hybrid, easy-wearing Portland Pullover — Redux, which features extra weather protection while maintaining superior comfort and support for pets.

The Portland Pullover — Redux is a unique coat that keeps fur dry during the fall and winter seasons thanks to its high-tech, low impact softshell that is waterproof, windproof and non-toxic. The newly redesigned pullover is lightweight, which ensures that pups won’t be weighed down during autumnal romps. It has a leash opening at the collar, reflective trim and a built-in shawl collar for added warmth. Thanks to the closure-free style, pets are just as comfortable lounging as adventuring. The low-bulk fit allows harnesses to fit over the top of the pullover without adjustment and even reduces chafing!

“We are extremely excited to debut our Portland Pullover — Redux just in time as we begin to transition into the colder seasons,” says Rebecca Gadd, CEO of Gold Paw Series. “The Portland Pullover — Redux has the same soft, comfy touch as our classic Stretch Fleece and is the perfect garment to protect pets from harsh weather conditions, ensuring they stay warm, cozy, and dry all season long.”

For over 13 years, Gold Paw Series has been dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and their owners with thoughtful, practical solutions to everyday problems. Its complete line offers pet parents a variety of options for every season, from the Sun Shield Tee and Rain Paw to the Snood and Winter Paw, plus more! The company also offers a Walking Collection, which features collars, a harness and leash.

The Portland Pullover — Redux is available in three color combinations, including Navy/Red Plaid, Lilac/Eggplant and Silver/Hunter Green, for suggested retail prices ranging from $55-$65.

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