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Annamaet Petfoods Introduces New Eco-Friendly, Degradable Packaging

It’s a part of its ongoing dedication to green business practices and a more sustainable future for the pet industry.




(PRESS RELEASE) TELFORD, PA — Annamet Petfoods Inc. announces, as part of its ongoing dedication to green business practices and a more sustainable future for the pet industry, with the launch of its new degradable packaging.

In an effort to bring a more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices into the pet industry, Annamaet has introduced degradable bags as a responsible alternative to conventional pet food packaging.

Annamaet’s new packaging was specifically designed to decompose, reducing the amount of single-use plastics in the landfill. In addition to the new bag material, Annamaet has redesigned and updated the appearance of their packaging with new graphics and a convenient resealable velcro closure in every bag.

Annamaet has partnered with BioFlex, a market leader in biodegradable technology, in the development of their new bags, that not only decompose but are formulated to convert what would be trash into clean, renewable energy.

Annamaet is proud to remain a thought leader in the pet industry, as they lead the way into a greener pet industry.

“We have always been diligent about sourcing sustainable, high quality ingredients for our dog and cat food formulas,” said Robert Downey, president of Annamaet. “It was the natural next step for us to bring
sustainable, degradable bags into the mix.”


For more information about Annamaet Petfoods visit For more information on the new biodegradable packaging or to schedule an interview, contact Lila Reeves-Hampton at



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