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Answers Founders Roxanne Stone and Jacqueline Hill Share Details About Their New Company

The former executives who left Answers in May will be releasing new products this summer as Kure Pet Food.




The PETS+ Facebook Community has been abuzz with excitement and speculation ever since a new company called Kure Pet Food popped up on social media and began connecting to retailers with a raw focus. Was it a new brand from Roxanne Stone and Jacqueline Hill, the founders of Answers Pet Food who left the company in May, after the public exit of nutrition science director Billy Hoekman in April?

Neither the Facebook page nor the associated website name owners or staff; it simply promises “to bring the goodness of our raw fermented clean food to pets everywhere.” That was a pretty big clue to the many devoted followers of their work.

The website also listed as its forthcoming products: Raw Cow Milk Kefir, Raw Fermented Goat Milk, Fish Bone Broth with Fermented Sardines and Chicken Bone Broth with Fermented Ginger.

I reached out to Jacqueline and Roxanne and asked what was up. While much has yet to be determined, they did their best to provide answers to the many questions community members shared via the PETS+ group.

Q: When will the broths, milk and kefir be available?
A: Late summer 2021.

Q: Will they have different formulations than Answers?
A: Similar, however with some improvements.


Q: What sizes will they be available in?
A: Broths will be available in pints and quarts; Kefir in quarts and half-gallons; and goat milk in pints, quarts and half gallons.

Q: What will the price points be?
A: They will certainly be competitively priced.

Q: Which distributors will have them? Or are you selling direct? Or both?
A: Several distributors have expressed interest, and no direct sales will be offered at this time.

Q: Will the products be indie exclusives?
A: They will be independent pet retailer exclusive.

Q: Will there be a frequent-buyer program? Astro?
A: Yes. Kure Pet Food will support independent frequent-buyer programs.

Q: Will there be food as well?
A: Yes, hoping to have at least two proteins available with the launch.


Q: If so, when might they be available?
A: Late Summer with more proteins to follow.

Q: And in what proteins?
A: Beef and Chicken to start.

Q: Will there be frozen feet?
A: Eventually, yes.

Q: And in what proteins?
A: Chicken, turkey and duck.

Q: What else can we look forward to?
A: More unique, raw and fermented functional foods for dogs and cats.

Q: What is the inspiration/meaning behind the name?
A: The invested farmers/suppliers wanted to continue the initial vision/mission of Jacqueline and Roxanne to cure pets using whole, clean and fermented foods. Hence, Initial LLC has become the parent company to the brand Kure Pet Food.


Finally, I asked “I know there have been many challenges surrounding your exit from Answers, but what are you most enjoying, looking forward to about being out on your own?”

They answered, “We have been given the opportunity to advance our mission by starting a non-profit organization centered on research and education in hopes of advancing the science, support and understanding of traditional foods, clean and restorative agriculture, and their beneficial effects on the health and wellbeing of our beloved companion animals. We are looking forward to conducting this research to further the benefits to the raw food community.”

Looking to learn more about Kure Pet Food? Blogger Kimberly Morris Gauthier has additional scoop on her Keep the Tail Wagging raw feeding blog, and I’ll keep in touch with Jacqueline and Roxanne to report back new information as they have it to share.

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