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APPA Rounds Up Member Products That Support Pet Well-Being

The health, wellness and fitness products all come from American Pet Products Association members.




(PRESS RELEASE) STAMFORD, CT – The American Pet Products Association (APPA) is rounding up some of the latest products to promote optimal pet health and wellness. From anxiety and enrichment products to vitamins and supplements, APPA wants to ensure pet owners are prepared to take a proactive approach to pet wellness.

“According to the 2023-2024 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, the use of vitamins and supplements is on the rise among dog, cat and small animal owners,” said APPA President and CEO Peter Scott. “This is just one of several indications that pet wellness products have become increasingly important for pet owners. Pet parents continue to seek out health and fitness products to ensure their pets look and feel their best, and there’s no better time to introduce some of the latest products in these categories made by APPA members.”

Read on for a list of the best health, wellness and fitness products for pets and pet owners, courtesy of APPA members:

  • Dental Products – Prioritize oral hygiene with dental products designed to brighten your pet’s smile. The Paw Ready Toothbrush offers an ergonomic handle and long neck, making it perfect for hard to reach areas, and the Paw Ready Biteblock is a great toothbrushing aid that gently pries your pet’s jaw open to allow for easier brushing. Check out Zesty Paws All-in-One Functional Dental Bones™ or Yummy Combs for dental chews with multifunctional benefits. Both the Exclusively Dog Collagen + Superfood Chews with Benefits and Clear Conscience Pet Kelpy Chews are great options for pet owners looking for chews that support dental health among other focus areas like a healthy coat, joints and more.
  • Food and Treats – Embrace a healthier diet for your pet with food and treats made from quality ingredients. Try ZIWI Peak Original Series Air-Dried Recipes for a complete and balanced meal for your pup, and add a delicious meal topper to enhance your pet’s food like Stashios Meal Appeal made with real pumpkin or SuperGravy Bon A’ La Goat Pet Food Topper that combines the benefits of bone broth, goat’s milk and bioactive turmeric. For small animal owners, check out Science Selective Rabbit Lifestage Diets featuring extra protein to support growth and development in rabbits. Bench & Field Pet Foods Holistic Natural™ Feline Treats, Colorado Naturals Jerky Chips, Suzie’s CBD Soft Chews or Arch Digestive Health are tasty treat options made from natural or beneficial ingredients. If you’re looking for a solution to administer your pet’s medication, try Stashios Wrap-Ups, the perfect, delicious solution for every size and shape of pill, capsule or tablet.
  • Walking Products – Get your pet active this summer with walking accessories and fitness essentials. Sooth your pets’ paws irritated by weather, heat or rough terrain with Pure and Natural Pet Certified Organic Paw Rescue that offers healing and moisturizing properties. Use the Stashios Stash & Dash treat dispenser to easily take training treats on the go. For small animal owners in need of a way to exercise their pet, try Happy Habitats Halo, a pet ball carrier that provides a way for hamsters, gerbils, mice and more to exercise in the ball while remaining stationary.
  • Health Products – Looking to address some of your pet’s health issues? The ActivPhy Hip + Joint Mobility Collar delivers premium hip and joint support great for senior dogs in a convenient 30-day collar. Check out the Assisi Loop featuring targeted pulsed electromagnetic field (tPEMF) technology to help pets with painful and inflammatory conditions. Use the ProudPet Bandage as a comfortable solution for wound care, featuring Velcro straps for easy application.
  • Calming Products – Ensure your pet is stress-free with the latest calming products to address separation and generalized anxiety. The Stashios Soothing Saucer’s patented design promotes licking and helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Earth Buddy’s Pet Quick Calm 250mg features whole plant hemp extract with a full spectrum of CBD, cannabinoids and terpenes, and their Sleep Support 300mg, a CBN supplement, helps pets cope with external stresses. Made with clean, high quality ingredients, Suzie’s CBD Soft Chews are designed to help dogs feel their best.
  • Grooming Products – Help your pet look and feel on top with grooming and wellness must-haves. earthbath Plant-Based Ear & Eye Wipes features textured wipes made with certified plant-based (FSC) fibers to keep your four-legged friends eyes and ears clean and healthy, and Pet Parents Pet WiPees™ all-purpose wipes for cats and dogs help heal skin issues and create a barrier to help protect against potential problems for both cats and dogs. Frequent ear infections? The Pure and Natural Pet Ear Cleansing Kit naturally cleans, disinfects, deodorizes and protects against painful ear infections, while the Silver Honey Rapid Ear Care ear rinse treats ear infections effectively and naturally with ingredients like Manuka honey and MicroSilver BG.
  • Vitamins and Supplements – Check out these vitamins and supplements that provide a myriad of health benefits. Boost your pet’s immune system with Earth Buddy Pet Maxx Life-Glutathione Capsules, which enhances metabolic functioning, or VetriScience Allergy Plus that regulates and minimizes the immune system’s response to common allergens. Support hip and joint health with Zesty Paws Vet Strength Mobility Bites™ or Earth Buddy Pet Mobility 500MG-CBDa:CBD. Wellness Pet Company’s Wellness Supplements come in a variety of formulas to target dogs’ top health concerns, while Pet Parents Multivitamin SoftSupps promote powerful daily health support. To help boost digestion and gut health, check out the Liquid-Vet K9 Pre & PostBiotic Digestive Aid, Liquid-Vet Feline Pre & PostBiotic Digestive Aid, Adored Beast Apothecary Gut Soothe and Pet-Ag Dyne™ PRO HG Healthy Gut for Dogs.

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