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Austin and Kat Introduces New Extra Strength Product Line

It’s made with organic coconut oil.




(PRESS RELEASE) Pet wellness supplement company Austin and Kat has added Organic Coconut Oils to their lineup of treats and tinctures for pets. Using just two ingredients; full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD and USDA certified organic coconut oil, these new tinctures were a natural extension of their current biscuits and oils on the market.

“With our successful launch of previous tinctures, which use wild Alaskan salmon oil, we wanted to ensure we had another proprietary formulation for our customers to enjoy. We also wanted to vary the concentration of CBD,” says Kat Donatello, founder and CEO. “Some pets need a larger amount of CBD – pets who have maybe had surgery recently, or are suffering from an illness. They also work for large-breed pets; even horses.”

CBD has been shown to support metabolic function, weight loss, arthritis, skeletal and heart health, proper joint function, and skin/coat condition, as well as enhance the immune system. Coconut oil includes lauric acid and MCTs (medium chain triglycerides), both which heal inflammation and aid in proper digestive function. MCT is also well known to improve mental function. “Combining CBD and coconut oil is just a happy marriage of supplemental wellness,” Kat continues.

The Extra Strength Oils are currently available in 2400, 1200, and 600 mg sizes. Oils are administered orally easily with the precisely measured dropper, and have the ability to provide extremely quick relief from ailments (within 15 – 20 minutes).

Austin and Kat’s mission has always been to have a happier, calmer, and healthier pet – using the exceptional benefits of CBD.


“We want to provide easy access to health and wellbeing for all our pets (and their owners, too),” Kat says. “Our new Extra Strength oils will help us answer that call.”



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