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Austin and Kat Relaunch of Classic Collection

The classic collection uses an evolved ingredient profile based on the latest science and natural remedies.




(PRESS RELEASE) Heading into its seventh year, Seattle based company, Austin and Kat, is relaunching its flagship classic CBD chews and tincture collection. As one of the first-to-market in 2014, Austin and Kat is continuing to set the standard for innovative pet wellness products with their relaunch of its classic collection using an evolved ingredient profile based on the latest science and natural remedies.

The classic chews are still made with Kat’s original recipe developed in 2014, and are now in a softer format scored for easy portioning. The biggest step forward has been to formulate the products with CBD rich hemp from Treehouse Biotech so that all products are more effective and completely free of contaminants.

“T​reehouse has allowed me to improve the quality to something unattainable even a few years ago. They are the first NASC-approved and USDA-organic certified hemp extractor and provide premium CBD with over eleven different detectable cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN and CBC and terpenes — it’s amazing to see the difference,​ ” said Kat Donatello, Austin and Kat’s founder.

The new soft chew format is elevated by adding optimized antioxidants from Longvida’ Curcumin, a scientifically-proven turmeric extract that clinically supports benefits to long-term health that last 7x longer in the body and has 285x greater bioavailability than standard turmeric.

Austin and Kat’s classic tinctures now feature the powerful antioxidant CoQ10 from Kaneka​ combined with a full spectrum black pepper extract to prolong the effects of CBD and encourage the entourage effect. Additionally, all strengths of tinctures now include optimized carrier oils like hempseed as the omega-3 fatty acids are key to unlocking the long-term benefits of CBD.

Matthew Heck, Austin and Kat’s chief science officer is more than excited to share the team’s most recent products. “W​ e’ve spent tireless hours on research and development, partnering with innovative companies that lead the field in cutting-edge scientific and clinical research. Each new formula is optimized with synergizing antioxidants that complement and elevate the effects of CBD through a total-systems approach to wellness. The result? Truly efficacious products that deliver long-lasting and targeted support.​”


The tinctures continue to be available with 100mg and 300mg of CBD blended in ethically sourced salmon and hempseed oil, along with 600mg and 1200mg CBD blended in hempseed and organic coconut oil with MCTs. The new softer chews will be available in 2.5mg, 5mg, and 10mg of premium CBD per chew.

“I​ started this journey so I could help pet owners give the very best support to their four-legged friends and I’m really excited that this new set of products will help them live their healthiest and happiest lives.​”

Austin and Kat classic and botanical collections provide pet owners with a wide array of chews and tinctures to address the various specific need states of pets.

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