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Basepaws Releases New Cat DNA Kit with Improved Accuracy, Speed

It will use a saliva collection method to improve the consistency and accuracy of the DNA test results.




(PRESS RELEASE) LOS ANGELES — Basepaws, the first company to offer pet owner-focused DNA testing for cats, is launching a new version of their proprietary CatKits. The new kits will use a saliva collection method to improve the consistency and accuracy of the DNA test results.

The new swab kit provides many advantages over the hair kit Basepaws previously offered. In addition to preventing repeat sampling issues with a more accurate and consistent DNA sample, the DNA found in saliva is more stable, allowing for longer shelf-life of the sample. This makes testing easier for the pet parent too, and will help researchers in their mission to improve feline health.

Another advantage of the swab kits is increased speed and efficiency: the new design allows researchers to process multiple samples at one time. Basepaws hopes to achieve an average turnaround time of 6 weeks for each report thanks to this new swab method by the end of 2019.

“Though we loved the hair kits for their innovation and simplicity, the newer swab kits allow us to better serve our customers,” said Basepaws CEO Anna Skaya. “We’re always looking for ways to improve our reports and make them more useful for cat owners, and the advantages of these new kits is much better accuracy and consistency. We’re excited to see what the new data yields, and how we can use that information to better care for our cats.”

Basepaws is leading the pack in the competitive pet care space with their focus on feline-specific genetic testing. Last month, the company was named a finalist for the Purina Pet Care Innovation Prize, and recently presented at SXSW and Global Pet Expo 2019.

Plus, there’s good news for cat owners who want to know more about their furry friends. Thanks to all of the data Basepaws has collected thus far, the genetic reports are more detailed than ever. The reports now contain a section with chromosome mapping, a visual representation of specific sections of a cat’s DNA and how they relate to the increased pedigreed cat breed database.


The price for the new-and-improved CatKit will be the same as the old kit, with a more detailed report on your cat’s genetics for $95.

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