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Being Open to On-Site Work Can Land a Job in Retail

Insistence on remote-only posts limits career options, survey shows.




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Unemployed Americans are experiencing a massive case of job hunt burnout, according to a new survey from Insight Global. One solution, the national staffing company says: be open to jobs requiring an on-site presence, which includes working in brick-and-mortar stores.

“It’s no wonder that so many unemployed Americans are feeling unmotivated – between several years of a volatile job market, headcount reductions, budget cuts, hiring freezes and a total overhaul of the way companies are running their businesses, it can feel downright impossible to get back on track,” said Bert Bean, CEO of Insight Global.

But despite the unemployed being unmotivated in their job search, Bean recommends they change the narrative and thinking about the market in new ways. A top strategy: rethink remote.

Survey results reveal that over 1 in 5 (21 percent) recently unemployed millennials feel they are still unemployed because they will only apply to remote job opportunities. Being closed off to jobs just because they require face time – such as staffing a store, grocery or restaurant — is going to significantly limit what is available to you.

“My advice is to be open to either hybrid work opportunities or even those that require full time in the workplace,” says Bean. “It helps with colleague connections and produces a level of productivity that I personally feel is most attainable when you’re together.”

Click here for more results and job-hunting strategies from the Insight Global survey.


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