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Nine Cat Laser Toys Zero in on a Feline’s Natural Hunting Instincts

Admit it: watching cats chase lasers is an unbeatable (and inexhaustible) form of entertainment.




CATS WILL DASH across the room in pursuit of nothing, violently attack their own shadows, and stalk prey anywhere, even overly thick carpet. No, these fuzzballs aren’t crazy, they’re just responding to their innate, biological desire to pursue prey and pounce. Lasers are a high-tech solution to this problem, giving cats a fun alternative to chasing nothing. Bonus for owners: watching cats chase lasers is an unbeatable, and inexhaustible, form of entertainment. 

Personable Playthings 

Cute and colorful designs add some laser fun for everyone, including pet owners who want something visually appealing for themselves. Cat lasers designed to catch the eye of people and pets feature form and function, too. Some wiggle and wobble, keeping the laser active as long as it’s on, while others feature funny faces and designs, encouraging healthy play between pet parents and their cats. 

Bella Rockin Laser Cat Toy
Spot by Ethical Products Inc.

Selling Point: As the motion-activated Bella wobbles around on its weighted base, an inset laser provides light to chase. 

Best for:  Cat lovers with an eye for contemporary art., 800-223-7768


Laser Fun Cat Toy
Pet Stages

Selling Point: This colorful cat face offers instantaneous play at the touch of a button. 

Best for:  Simplicity-seeking cat owners who don’t mind a bit of clowning around., (800) 477-5735


Air Prey Wand with Laser
Jackson Galaxy  

Selling Point: A two-in-one for laser fans, this toy features a retractable feather, telescoping feature and a removable laser. 

Best for:  Pet parents looking for multiple ways to tempt cats’ natural instincts., (310) 782-1200



Futuristic Felines 

Some cat lasers feature a science-fiction feel, be it futuristic monoliths or robotic orbs that shoot lasers all day. The built-in technology is forward-thinking, too, with automatic timers, specialized settings and interactive games. Pet owners who dig computerized gadgets would be smart to invest in technological toys that let stay-at-home cats hunt all day without ripping up the house. 

Eyenimal Automatic Laser

Selling Point: Slow, rapid and random settings plus 360-degree laser patterns keep pets from getting bored. 

Best for: The stylish cat owner who prefers silent operation., (646) 828-6089


Adventure Laser Pet 
New Cat Condos 

Selling Point: The spinning laser includes two game settings to keep things interesting. 

Best for:  Pet parents who want a laser that changes direction and speed., (480) 201-9351


FroliCat Rolorat 

Selling Point: This toy’s crazy red eyes, long, whipping tail and electronic sounds will keep cats enthralled, especially when set on “Play While You Are Away” mode. 

Best for: Tech-savvy cat owners who don’t mind their pets bouncing off the walls., 888-726-636



Handheld and Affordable 

Cat owners looking for a low-cost means of encouraging feline exercise can go the handheld route. These couldn’t be simpler to use: just point the laser at the floor or wall and watch kitty go for the chase. Kids who are old enough can run the show, too, with one firm note of warning: never ever shine the laser in anyone’s eyes — be they pet or person.

Catch-It Laser Pointer Cat Toy
Ruffin’ It by Westminster Pet

Selling Point: Five different attachments to make a variety of enticing shapes. 

Best for:  Cat owners looking for an affordable distraction., 800-556-6488


Kong Laser Toy 

Selling Point: This laser activates the natural hunting instincts of cats and facilitates interactive play. 

Best for: Fans of other Kong products who adore the iconic shape of the brand’s products., (303) 216-2626



Selling Point: The solidly constructed mouse-shaped toy offers long battery life and replicates the unpredictable movement of prey. 

Best for: Pet parents looking for point-and-play fun., (800) 967-5394





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