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9 Mini-Aquariums and Nano Tanks That Could Equal Big Profits for You

Here are some nano tanks that can appeal to experienced fish keepers as well as entry-level enthusiasts.




TINY HOUSES, compact cars and now nano aquariums all prove that big might be beautiful but small is special, too. The advantages of pint-sized tanks are many: Easy to get started, affordable and easy to maintain. With so many possibilities, nano tanks can appeal to experienced fish keepers as well as entry-level enthusiasts. Here are a few ideas to get you started or inspired. 


Small and Mighty

How small can you go? Pretty small, it turns out, as the nano trend shows no signs of slowing down. Thanks to continued improvements, your customers can scale down without sacrificing quality. While some Betta bowls are as small as a gallon or two, we’ve picked a few that look great in a home or office and are also large enough to hold more than one lonely fish. 

Fluval Spec 5
Rolf C. Hagen

Key Features: Newly redesigned with high-powered LED light. Longer length makes for wider viewing. Etched glass with aluminum trim.

Sales Tip: All-around quality tank that shows up in many top-10 lists., (800) 353-3444

Marineland Contour Glass Aquarium Kit

Key Features: Modern design, in 3- or 5-gallon sizes. Overhead LED light, canopy slides back for easy feeding and cleaning. Three-stage filtration system.

Sales Tip:  Curved glass means no seams for better viewing., (800) 322-1266

Evolve LED Aquarium Kit

Key Features: Two-, 4- and 8-gallon sizes, includes LED light with day and night settings and integrated filtration, with cords concealed for seamless look.

Sales Tip:  Promote the 8-gallon size as ideal for beginners to explore different freshwater fish., (888) 255-4527

Light It Up

Advances in lighting set today’s nano kits apart from those even a few years old. The majority of new kits on the market feature LED lighting, which put out at least three times the power as compact fluorescent bulbs while remaining cool to the touch. We’ve picked three that stand out in display and quality. Set up a demonstration tank so customers can see them in action and be mesmerized!

GloFish Aquarium Kit

Key Features: Manufactured under an agreement with GloFish, this is the fish world equivalent of blacklight posters. 

Sales Tip:  Pair with patented GloFish fluorescent fish. Can also carry full line of accessories., (800) 526-0650

Vepotek ATH25 Nano

Key Features: Four-gallon tank comes with white or multi-color LED lights, energy efficient filter pump and temperature sensor.

Sales Tip:  Real glass (not acrylic) means high-definition viewing that won’t lose luster or get scratched., (855) 239-3666

JBJ Nano Cube LED Aquarium
TransWorld Aquatic Enterprises

Key Features: In 6-, 12-, 24- and 28-gallon sizes — large enough for saltwater and nano reef setups.

Sales Tip:  Cooling fan in hood maintains even temperatures., (877) 374-9981

Outside the Box

How to innovate on the classic aquarium? First came the cube shape, and now anything goes. From sleek and stylish modern designs, to cool and fun novelty tanks, there’s no reason to get stuck in the square. Choose a few in this category to complement your more traditional offerings and to attract first-time aquarists. We’ve selected three that will appeal to kids and look great in a home or office.

API Aquaview 360 
Mars Fishcare

Key Features: Two-, 3- and 6-gallon sizes, cylindrical shape for 360-degree viewing, with four-color LED lighting.

Sales Tip:  Perfect for beginners, the kit comes with everything for getting started (except the fish)., (800) 847-0659

Back to the Roots Water Garden Fish Tank
Back to the Roots

Key Features: Comes with everything to get started, including seeds and coupon for Betta fish. Made in the USA.

Sales Tip:  Works great in classroom settings., (510) 922-9758

BIOrb Flow

Key Features: In 4- and 8-gallon sizes, sleek and stylish.

Sales Tip: The Ikea of fish tanks proves that fishkeeping doesn’t have to be void of good design., (888) 755-5646 

This article originally appeared in the March-April 2017 edition of PETS+.



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