Remember: Cool = different.

“Our fancies are always tickled by the unexpected or serendipitous — in-store photo booths, really unique ad campaigns, $200 interior build-outs (that look amazing) — things that make a business stand out from all the others.”

One of our editors wrote that during an email conversation about the America’s Coolest Stores contest.

Here are a few other things our judges will likely value:

  • A novel aesthetic.
  • One striking element.
  • New twists on how to sell pets, pet gear and pet services.
  • Consistently stepped-up customer service. And what’s most cool is not individual stories of over-the-top customer service, but rather when a business builds a better approach to service right into their system, every day.
  • Interesting event ideas. We love both slightly out-of-the ordinary in-store events and other marketing efforts that draw attention.   
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