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Better Choice Company CEO Scott Lerner Shares 2022 Pet Industry Trends and Predictions

Scott Lerner is a consumer products veteran with 20+ years of experience in the consumer packaged goods industry.




(PRESS RELEASE) The pet food market in the United States has been releasing products that reflect human food trends with increasing speed. The enhanced consumer focus on pet food quality and attributes has initiated quick developments seen in the trends below.

  • DIGESTION AND IMMUNITY SOLUTIONS – Digestive health and immunity support is a top health and wellness concern for pet parents. The COVID pandemic continues to impact consumer preferences and practices, 69% of pet owners have considered adding immune strength-enhancing products to their pet’s diet.
  • PLANT-BASED PRODUCTS – The plant-based trend in the pet food market is influenced by human food trends such as clean labels, veganism, alternative proteins and healthier ingredients. Vegan pet owners prefer to feed vegan pet food to their pets, which is catalyzing the growth of the global vegan pet food market.
  • INTERNATIONAL GROWTH (SPECIFICALLY ASIA / CHINA) – Over the last decade, pet populations have surged along with rising human populations in Asia. As the number of households has reduced there has been an increase in the demand for pets that serves the purpose of companions.
  • RESPONSIBLE SOURCING – 3rd PARTY CERTIFIED – Today’s pet owners are looking to avoid ingredients they feel are unsafe or that have been raised/harvested/created in a way that is socially, ethically or environmentally irresponsible. In response, pet food marketers have begun to promote sought-after ingredients while being fully transparent, with product websites and labeling telling where the ingredients come from and how the products are made.
  • SUSTAINABILITY (UPCYCLING, RECYCLED PACKAGING, ETC.) – As consumers adopt and adapt human food trends for their pets, one key area pet owners remain interested in is sustainability. In addition to packaging and processing, ingredient sourcing is also of importance. Many companies are now utilizing upcycled ingredients (physically imperfect but still nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables that would otherwise end up in landfills) in formulations.
  • ALTERNATIVE FORMATS (FREEZE-DRIED, FRESH, TOPPERS/MEAL ENHANCERS, ETC.) – Dry food remains a near-universal choice for both dog and cat owners, but wet food, treats and toppers are on the rise representing opportunities for growth. These product types and forms offer the promise of superior palatability, indulgence and pet-owner bonding.
  • UNIQUE PROTEINS – As consumers adopt a more sustainable mindset, the opportunity for sustainable proteins continue to increase. Large pet food manufacturers have recently launched pet food with both plant and insect protein bases and demand is growing for formulations featuring alternative and exotic sources of protein such as quail, rabbit, venison and elk.



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