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Six New Bird Cages Guaranteed to Fit Your Clients’ Needs

This selection of bird cages has something for everyone.




COMPANION BIRDS don’t have the luxury of spreading their wings for an annual trip south, so bird owners have a responsibility to make sure they have a well-appointed home to nest. This selection of bird cages has something for everyone — modern styles offering perfect visibility; seed-catchers engineered to keep homes free of irksome bird debris; even spacious models perfect for big birds and multi-bird collections.

Seed Catchers Catch On 

Clean-up is the most time-consuming part of bird ownership, so many owners turn to cages with built in seed-catchers. Seed-catchers can be easily removed and will make quick work of a tedious chore. If you’ve got a customer who is new to bird ownership, be sure to sell them on the idea of cages that do the bulk of the dirty work for them. 

Black Dometop 
Prevue Pet Products

Selling Point: With a wide dome and deep seed-catcher, this roomy wrought-iron cage provides a clean, uncramped habitat for its residents. 

Best for: Style-conscious buyers who appreciate the classics., (312) 243-3624


Featherland Folding Cage

Selling Point: In addition to a deep seed catcher, this spacious cage features exterior feeders to prevent food spoilage and leave more interior space for living. 

Best for: Fastidious bird owners seeking environmental hygiene., 888-338-2473



Modern Designs Step Up

Leave those rusty, antique cages to the brides on Pinterest. Today’s bird owner wants an up-to-date and modern look in a cage. Sleek designs coupled with clear doors give owners a wire-free view of their pets, and powder-coated finishes offer durability and style. Colors are happening too: Look for trends in crimson, navy and jade. Updated shapes keep that classic bird cage feel with a nod to thoughtful building design.  

European-Style Powder Coated Cage 
King’s Cages

Selling Point: There’s tons of room in this stylish hexagonal house, made from durable and nontoxic materials and a high nickel content to prevent rust. 

Best for: High-end avian lovers who only want the very best for their budgies., (732) 698-9800


TreeTops Cage 

Selling Point: With clear glass on two sides, this award-winning design looks beautiful and can blend well with both modern and traditional interior furnishing styles. 

Best for: Visually oriented owners who want the clearest possible look at their canaries, finches and lovebirds., 888-338-2473



Big Cages Offer Living Space

Owners with large or multiple birds will hear their pets sing a sweeter song when they have room to flap around. Though pricey, aviary-style cages offer more than a cage — they give birds a real living space. Some designs fit into corner spaces to save owners square-footage. And added to a spare room or a screened-in porch, birds can feel closer to the great outdoors. 


Silverado Dometop Bird Cage
Prevue Pet Products

Selling Point: This wrought-iron, domed design gives even the largest bird more than 6 feet of height to play and explore. 

Best for: Macaw owners seeking space for their big birds, coupled with easy maintenance., (312) 243-3624 


Hexagon Bird Cage 

Selling Point: This spacious hexagon cage — nearly six feet tall — allows its inhabitants to take flight, even indoors. The unit is on casters for easy room-to-room rolling.

Best for: Owners of multiple birds who have a little extra space in their homes., +86 (750) 5675817


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