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CBD Shampoo and 21 More New Pet Products for Your Store

Brands introduced a ton of products at SuperZoo. Here are just a few to consider for your store.





Stop and Solve the Flowers

In case you missed its debut earlier this year, check out the ZIPPYPAWS SmartyPants Puzzler Sunflower. The three-tiered game features rotating levels that hold up to 1 cup of treats or food, teaching dogs to problem solve in a fun and engaging way. The non-slip base prevents sliding. Part of a four-puzzle line your customers will welcome heading into the busy holiday season.,



Alternative Chews

Only three ingredients go into HIMALAYAN PET SUPPLY’s new Unhide dog chew: cheese powder, antler powder and vinegar, the last acting as a preservative. Long-lasting, all-natural and easily digestible, this alternative to rawhide comes in three sizes and will be available in October., contact your distributor



For Real

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Natural Paper Bedding with Lavender features real lavender pieces instead of an artificial scent. The natural bedding absorbs five times its weight in liquid, is 99.9% dust free, and comes with a money-back odor-control guarantee for consumers. Made for all small pets including hamsters, mice, gerbils, rabbits, Guinea pigs, chinchillas and ferrets. 24.6L and 49.2L.,




Nibble Nibble

In November, SUPREME PETFOODS will add Science Selective Junior Guinea Pig Food to its range of veterinarian-recommended, species-specific small pet diets. Tailored to the specific needs of growing Guinea pigs up to 20 weeks, it has higher protein content to support growth and enhanced levels of vitamin C and vitamin E to give young animals the best start in life. Dandelion and fennel make it naturally delicious with no added sugar and no artificial flavors. With 15% fiber for optimum digestive and dental health, it respects the natural diet and supports a healthy weight. The company offers a comprehensive range of POS materials, including care guides, loyalty schemes and free samples.,

Contact for Pricing


Heart Healthy

NORTHWEST NATURALS Raw Rewards Freeze-Dried Hearts come packed with helpful vitamins and minerals: vitamin B has cardio-protective effects; iron boosts red blood cells, oxygen utilization and energy; taurine protects against heart disease and proves essential for cats; zinc strengthens the immune system and thyroid function; and essential fatty acids boost immunity and make the coat shiny. An on-site USDA inspector passes the single-ingredient treats. In Beef, Chicken and Pork for dogs and cats. 3 and 10 ounces.,




Help customers who want to begin better communicating with their pups by stocking the HUNGER FOR WORDS Talking Pet Starter Set. Introduced in 2021, it now includes an improved starter guide in addition to the original speech buttons used by Stella the Talking Dog, along with tips and online content written by “talking dog movement” founder Christina Hunger. The company also has new advanced products in the line, including the Talking Pet Doorbell released this summer., (800) 222-3909



New & Novel

SCOUT & ZOE’S powers the new CATAZZTIC Cat Food Toppers. Made with sustainable, highly nutritious Black Soldier Fly Larvae and “Nooch,” cheesy-tasting nutritional yeast that aids digestion but also serves as a complete protein itself, they come in three varieties: Salmon, Larvae + Nooch; Lamb Lung, Larvae + Nooch; and Larvae + Nooch. No chemicals, unnatural ingredients or junk fillers., zoesdirect



Freeze-Dried CBD

With Canine Wellness Freeze-Dried Bites, ROVER’S WELLNESS expands its line of Organic Certified, U.S.-grown broad-spectrum hemp oil products. The savory squares help support joint flexibility and mobility, ease joint stiffness due to daily exercise and activity, help dogs cope with external stresses, and promote long-term health. Freeze-drying preserves nutrient value. Also packaged in the U.S., the bites also contain Icelandic fish oil rich in omega 3 and 6, and are free of gluten, grains and GMOs. Available in beef and chicken in 2-ounce bags of approximately 30 bites. FYI, Rover’s Wellness donates 5% of their proceeds to cancer research for pets.,


Super Sweet

Set up the Kitty Cat Play Condo Ice Cream Truck from PETSTAGES for your store cats! The adorable ball pit with multiple openings will provide mental enrichment and a safe spot where kitties can hide and sleep, all while selling itself. Comes with 10 balls., (800) 477-5735



And Now Grooming

PET RELEAF enters the grooming category with a line of plant-powered shampoos and conditioners featuring USDA Organic full-spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring cannabinoids. Skin & Coat Releaf comes in Itchy & Dry Skin Shampoo, 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, Sensitive Skin Formula Shampoo, and Soothing & Silkening Formula Conditioner. All products are made in an FDA-registered facility in the U.S. and are hypoallergenic, dye free, vegan friendly, pet pH-balanced, detergent free and cruelty free. 16 ounces.,

Contact for pricing



Brain Food

Nina Ottosson by OUTWARD HOUND introduces the Level 2 dog puzzle game Lickin’ Layers. Dogs navigate the three layers of compartments by spinning each one to reveal food or treats, using their natural instincts and behaviors to help their brains develop through mental stimulation. Made with food-safe materials free from BPA, PVC and phthalates., (800) 477-5735



Pork Partnership

To create its single-ingredient Pork Jerky for dogs and cats, POLKADOG has partnered with Walden Local Meat. The Certified B Corporation works with principled, local farmers in New England and New York to produce the highest-quality pasture-raised pork, chicken and beef. Polkadog takes the pork Walden sources to its Boston kitchen for hand-stripping and dehydrating before packaging it in 3-ounce bags.,



So Fresh

The WELLNESS Bowl Boosters line adds Freshly varieties. Made with real, healthy ingredients selected at the peak of freshness and then frozen to lock in nutrients, they come in Chicken & Butternut Squash, Beef & Carrots, Turkey & Sweet Potatoes, and Turkey & Rice crafted specifically for puppies. They can be served alone as a nutritious meal or as a topper. Available in 14 ounces, 1.75 pounds and 5.25 pounds.,


Perfect for Smushy Faces

While all dogs and cats can eat Air-Dried WOOF and Air-Dried MEOW from NEW ZEALAND NATURAL PET FOOD CO., flat-faced breeds especially will appreciate the nugget shape that makes the foods easier to eat than others of this kind. Made with high-quality ingredients in three recipes each: WOOF Chicken, WOOF Beef and WOOF Venison; and MEOW Chicken & Salmon, MEOW Beef & Hoki and MEOW Venison. In 3.5 ounces perfect for sampling or travel and in 26.5 ounces.,



Roar and Recover

Cats who need protection after a surgery or because of a medical condition can get it in comfort and style thanks to the SUITICAL Recovery Suit in fun new print Tiger. Kitties can eat, drink, sleep and use the litter box with ease, experiencing less stress than with a traditional cone, which can lead to a faster recovery. The suit comes in resealable packaging that easily stores or hangs on a shelf. Available in four sizes.,



Now for Kitties

PORTLAND PET FOOD expands to the cat category with two Homestyle Meal recipes: Luke s Chicken N Pumpkin and Boots Salmon N’ Pumpkin. Formulated to be used as a rotational meal or topper, each contains whole-food, limited ingredients that are easily digestible. Like all of the company’s products, they are human-grade and free from hormones, synthetics, antibiotics, supplements and additives. The foods also are free from rendered meats — PPF partners with Pacific Northwest companies to ensure that 100% of their dog and cat food is sourced and made in the U.S. Available in shelf-stable, earth-friendly, BPA-free 2.6-ounce pouches., (503) 928-2848


Beef First

Victor Hi-Pro Bites and Hi-Pro Strips build on the popularity of the company’s Hi-Pro Plus dog food formula and use its VPRO Blend of ingredients that support effective metabolism, immune system strength, digestive health and a healthy skin and coat. The high-protein treats come in 14-ounce bags and do not contain corn, soy, wheat or artificial flavors or colors.,


 SODAPUP’s rubber treat dispensers

Hold This

Pet parents who make a mess when filling SODAPUP’s rubber treat dispensers will for sure want this four-pack of Unstoppables. Available in heart, butterfly, paw and mandala designs, the stoppers hold the dispensers steady and prevent leakage while filling, then can go right into the freezer for upright storage. Made in the U.S. from FDA-compliant nylon material. Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.,



For the Littles

Small pups now have the perfect bite from LORD JAMESON. The new Little Rewards line features the same Certified Organic goodness in three tasty flavors. Very Berry combines strawberry and blueberry. Confetti Cake has notes of peanut butter and coconut. And Tropical Paradise mixes watermelon with mango. The soft treats are 1.5 grams each, quarter the size of the regular treats, and are free of gluten, corn, soy, dairy, artificial colors, preservatives and GMO ingredients. The vibrant ombre packaging will pop in any store display. 3 ounces.,



All the Friendly

BECAUSE, ANIMALS builds on its dedication to creating sustainable, cruelty and slaughter-free food and treats with its new Sprinkles supplement line featuring Bmmune Nutritional Yeast, the brand’s proprietary blend of high-protein, high-fiber nutritional yeast with immune-boosting fermentation powders. Immune Health Sprinkles, Joint Boost Sprinkles and Wellness Sprinkles come in supplements for dogs and for cats, are made in the U.S., and use animal- and planet-friendly 4-ounce bags.



Healthy Sticks

BOW WOW LABS, creators of dog chew safety device Bow Wow Buddy, debuts its new Collagen Sticks line. The high-protein, single-ingredient, long-lasting chews occupy pups while providing oral health benefits and supporting joint, bone and skin health. They are grain free, gluten free and low fat. When given in the Bow Wow Buddy, pet parents need not worry about dogs who typically try to swallow whole the last chunk of a chew. Available in fivepacks of thick and thin 6-inch sticks and thick 12-inch sticks to suit all dog sizes. Bonus: Johnna Devereaux, owner of Fetch RI in Richmond, RI, joined the company as director of nutrition & wellness, and makes herself readily available to retailers with questions.



For Your Freezers

PRIMAL PET FOODS introduces its Gently Cooked line for dogs and cats. Slowly cooked at a low temperature using the sous vide method to maintain integrity and bioavailability of nutrients and to retain natural moisture and flavor, the food comes in double easy-open packs for dogs and single easy-open packs for cats, plus variety packs., contact your distributor




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