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Boss Dog Launches Proballs Freeze Dried Raw Meatball

Every meatball is loaded with protein and is energy packed, all while being a low calorie treat.




Boss Dog Proballs

(PRESS RELEASE) SEATTLE — Boss Dog announces the launch of Proballs Freeze Dried Raw Meatball treats for dogs. The Seattle based pet food company’s latest innovation comes in both chicken and beef, and have one billion probiotics per ounce. In staying with its mission of providing healthy gut nutrition for pets, the new treats are also full of live and active cultures.

Every meatball is loaded with protein and is energy packed, all while being a low calorie treat. It’s easy to use for training or just as a regular reward. It’s also gluten, corn and soy free with no added hormones or antibiotics. There’s also nothing artificial about it: no fake colors or preservatives. Everything your pup needs is packed into one little ball; no pasta needed.

The product was developed by Vasili Nassar, who founded the line of pet products for his dog Kelby, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, with digestive issues. After Kelby refused to eat food after food, the Seattle entrepreneur knew he had no choice but to create a product from scratch. After lots of research and development, the hard work paid off. Kelby finally got the food that was right for his digestive system. Now, Nassar won’t stop. ProBalls are the fifth product he’s created since Boss Dog came on the pet food scene in 2018.

“I’m passionate about making Boss Dog the go-to brand for digestive health support,” said Nassar. “I’m excited to offer PROBALLS to dog owners across the country. Kelby’s nutritional issues really taught me to ‘treat my pet, like a boss,’ I hope other pet owners do the same. There’s nothing more rewarding than having a happy, healthy pet.”

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