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Bow Wow Dog Houses Announces an Effective Option for Preventing Dogs from Chewing Their Houses

Metal flashing nixes the nibbling.




(PRESS RELEASE) LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles-based Bow Wow Dog Houses has announced the option to add metal flashing to their Standard Series and Signature Series of dog homes. Puppies, especially, need a little guidance when it comes to learning not to chew objects that are not their own toys. The added option of the chew protectant provides a deterrent to chewing when families are not there to stop the dog from chomping on his house.

In addition to including metal flashing on the front door entry, which is one of the most likely areas a dog will chew, Bow wow Dog Houses can install the deterrent on the four corners of the house. To protect the interior of the house, Bow Wow Dog Houses can install wall liner that will guard the wall supports and studs.

“We recognize that some dogs are prone to chewing on everything they aren’t supposed to no matter how diligent you are at training,” said Larry Hobbs, president and CEO of Bow Wow Dog Houses. “By installing the option of metal flashing, you can protect your dog’s house from his urge to chew — and, in the process, he may learn that chewing objects that aren’t his toys is not fun.”

Bow Wow Dog Houses is a product line of parent company Brent-Wood Products, a family-owned and operated company with three generations of woodworking and design experience established in 1963.

Fully constructed in the U.S.A., Bow Wow Dog Houses utilizes premium materials made only from environmentally conscious resources. Each and every home is built to the highest standards of safety and comfort. Bow Wow’s Standard Dog Houses are designed with three components – base, home and roof from eco-friendly wood products. From there, clients have the option to select from a variety of material, stain and paint colors, and numerous design features.

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